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  • Top Three.

    This show is one of the top three I want to see return along with Moonlight & Forever
  • Blood Ties, Moonlight, etc.

    The show was great but much like the show Moonlight. All great things come to an end. I think it was all about timing and with the Vampire genre growing more ans more, now would have been the time to come out with televisions shows such as this.
  • Another vamp series...

    I do love vampire series...but I do think that they could have put a little more depth into the scripts and maybe the show might have ran on longer. But hey Henry was completely hot! :P But this series does bring me back to the days of Charmed, Angel and Buffy times. I do hope that they'd revive this series and still have Kylie schmid as Henry. He played that so well!

  • How high can you stack clichés?

    A vampire show will all of the clichés, and little innovative content, Blood Ties lacks what it takes to be a long-runner. From the test-tube scientist with the British accent, to the bad Latin, cheesy ritual scenes, and murder-by-map pentagram, Blood Ties breaks little new ground and borrows plot elements and scenes from the successes of other vampire productions over the last ten years, and the clichés of the last hundred.

    The show attempts to present a “strong” female lead in Vicki Nelson, but the result is in fact a stupid woman. She investigates murder scenes alone and at night (even before meeting her fanged ally), and despite all evidence that there are murders occurring in a predictable manner, chooses to investigate herself, despite having vision problems and lacking self-defense skills. The shows one interesting character innovation, Vicki Nelson’s serious vision problem, is overshadowed by its inconsistent presentation and Cox’s spotty acting.

    Cox is not totally to blame however, as the script itself is as clichéd as the plot, with dialogue that leaves much to be desired. None of the actors seem really at home in their role, and the bad script and chemistry of the show take away from what might be a decent performance. The ill conceived and tried but trite relationships between the shows co-stars make an already eye-rolling script and plot even more unbearable. Both interactions between characters and movement through the story are jerky and slapdash. There is no depth to the story, nothing between the lines to read, and if the first several episodes are any indication what the remainder of the production will be like, I’ll pass and wait for the third installation of Sergei Lukyanenko’s “Night Watch” trilogy to get my vampire fix.
  • umm well i have know idea what i am supost to do here so yeah i dk what to say! =S

    well frist of all i would like to say this is my fav show ever i miss it sooo mcuh i would watch it ever week like it was some sota richual, loved watching it my mom and i would sit down and watch it together i am sooo sad thats its not back yet i miss waching it. blood ties is that most amazing show ever and i have seen alot of good show but that facted it is about vampiers it so awsome i loove vampiers and now im hocked on the book the show was made after that are soo good! please bring that show back soon please please please!!!!! = )
  • 10 steps guide to your Blood Ties episodes.

    "Blood ties" is a new Lifetime "original".

    It's about Vicki Nelson, a semi-blind private detective retired cop and her new found partnership with an aristocrat vampire (to whom she gave blood - hence "Blood Ties").
    They are joined by a non believer, Vicki's ex-partner detective.

    Each episodes unfolds an unoriginal tale (demons, zombies...) which it's ending is pretty much known from the get go:

    1. Vicki is approached by a client, asking her to solve a problem (e.g missing person, solve a murder).

    2. Said problem is supernatural.

    3. Vicki goes to Henry the vampire for help.

    4. Henry helps, asks Vicki to wait until evening so he could protect her.

    5. Mike (police det.) wants in on the case's facts because it's linked to his.

    6. Vicki tells him - he does not believe.

    7, Vicki goes on her own, despite (4).

    8. Henry swoops in, helps Vicki in the last moment.

    9. Henry comes in too late, suspects for supernatural causes.

    10. Go to (1)

    Not to mention the love triangle going on between the 3...
  • A Show That Just Might Rival Buffy or Angel!!!

    I can't really say much at this point of this show so there will be more once I have seen the first episode. But from what I can say so far, the very little bit Ive seen of the special affects are definitely staying true to the concept of what a lover of this sort of genre would appreciate indeed!

    Granted, there have been shows out there that gone this route to bring us a modern day vampire world mix with mystery and intrigue that would make the "average joe" go ... "Huh!?" because who would believe something like this could actually happen. From what I can see at this point is that it seems that its being concieved quite well. And whats more, the teaser created for the series shows that quite well.

    I really look forward to this show and I think that whomever else decides to watch it as well might just be as excited Im gonna be. Although, I will say that I hope that it doesnt turn out that it doesn't "jumps the shark". With how well its been promoted, it would be one heck of a let down. Here's hoping for something outstanding that rates as highly as 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' or even 'Angel'!
  • I could never quite get past the idea that fisticuffs are the best defense against ghosts, goblins and demons.

    If you can just beat them up, why do these people need Vicki to fight their battles? It's pushed on you pretty hard it the pilot that Vicki is just plain smarter, better, and of course always right. There is a little more cheese here than I am comfortable with. On the other hand, there is Henry. This is the one character who has depth and subtlety. He's a relief who really saves the show for me. I kept watching until things began to move a little more smoothly. Vicki, Henry and Mike together had hilarious scenes and great chemistry. Overall I think the show had good things going for it but became bogged down with questionable effects and plotlines.
  • I am a Blood Ties fan and now my Favorite Show is gone..Now what is a Blood Ties Fan to do? Go to Canada! This T.V. Show was a Really good Thriller,kept you coming back ever weekend to see what would happen to the Henry,Vicki,Mike.BYE To A Great TV Show.

    I am Really going to miss this Show,It drew you in on thiller,Great Cast,Great stories,Super Good Looking Lead Men, and then you pull the plug. SAD....It will be truly missed. another super show down the tubes....Please Bring This Show Back and get Rid of some of the Stupid ones like Family Guy, or One Tree Hill. I could not wait till the weekend, When I Know It Was coming on. I Would Even Watch It 2 Times a Day on Sat. & Sun. Even if is Was the Same That Was On That Nite. I Just Could Not get Enought of Vicki & Henry &Mike. BYE
  • Based on the novels of Tanya Huff, Vicki Nelson is a former police detective that because of her failing eye sight became a private detective. After her first case and meeting a 500+ year old vampire she finds her life a washed in the supernatural.

    Tanya Huff has done a terrific job with her series based on Vicki Nelson. Her first title in the series was Blood Ties which is where this TV series gets its name.

    Vicki played by Christina Cox is a no nonsense type gal who shoots first and answers questions later. She had been a top detective on the Toronto Metro Police Force and her partner Mike Celluci played by Dylan Neal has continued on with the force. There is some romantic feeling between the two and they continue to work on cases together when practical.

    Into the mix come Henry Fitzroy played by Kyle Schmid. Henry is the 1st Duke of Richmond and son of King Henry the VIII of England. Yes, the one from the 1500's. Henry was turned as a vampire in 1536. He is currently a graphic novelist and is drawn to Vicki by her petulant nature. Because of her tendency to get herself into situations over her head he becomes her partner and bodyguard.

    Vicki's first case, Blood Ties, starts a trend of supernatural cases that seem to be drawn to her. The sacrifice victim that is saved in the first episode Coreen Fennel played by Gina Holden becomes her assistant which is perfect as Coreen is very much into the occult and supernatural. She really likes the fact that Henry is a vampire and is not turned off in any way by that. Coreen becomes a trusted ally to Vicki.

    Mike on the other hand is suspicious of Henry and eventually learns the truth as well. He doesn't take it as well as Vicki or Coreen though. There is a running love triangle between Vicki and Mike and Vicki and Henry that really doesn't seem to work at times and may be the weak link in this show if it has one. It can be funny and annoying at the same time depending on the situation.

    The show is a Canadian production and has well written scripts, high production values, a great cast, and good dialogue. Vicki's character does seem to be a little obstinate at times which causes Henry and Mike trouble no end. Of course if she didn't get herself in trouble what would there be to do in the episodes.

    Currently the show has had 22 episodes which Lifetime Network split into two seasons. The first season DVD is out and the second is coming in September. From what I understand the show will probably be canceled completely if not already. There was some hope that the show would be picked up by a major network or another cable broadcaster but that doesn't seem to have happened yet. It's a shame as this show definitely has room to grow and with the current popularity of the genre could be a breakout hit for someone. Only time will tell. Thanks for reading...
  • Blood Ties is one of the best shows ever made. It was put to rest, hopefully it will be revived again by us. Vicki Nelson, Michael Celluci, Coreen Fennel, and vampire Henry Fitzroy made a great show.

    This is one of THE best shows ever produced. It should have never even stopped, and hopefully there is going to be some miracle that it will come back. I love this show, and the love dynamic of Henry, Mike, and Vicki is so heart breaking and so great at the same time. Blood Ties should have gone on to make more episodes, more seasons, and continued from there. The Tanya Huff books from which the show is based are also incredible like the show. These characters and the actors and actresses that play them made a unbelievably fantastic series.

  • Absoulty Amazing consider the fact that i just spent several hours watching the entire first and second season. Praying for More please dont let this show die...

    Starts out as just a regular job for former dectective Victoria Nelson until she witnesses a crime. Since she is almost going blind she doesnt get a good look at the perp. Being the former Detective that she is she runs over to try and help, but by the time she reaches the victim is already dead and the perp has vanished in an ally. Being the fact that she was there and couldn't do anything to stop this Vickki feels a bit guilty and drawn to the case. Little does she knows that this case will be the begining of understanding the unexplained. She teams up with a sexy vampire who happens to be the bastard son of Henry the VIII and together they battle the dark side. Ofcouse this story wouldnt be complete without a Love Triangle. Helping her a bit unwilling is Nelson's ex-partner Detective Celluci and her genius sidekick Coreen. Together they battle killer ghost, crazy demons, vampires, vudoo priestes and everything that you only read about in books and seen in old horror movies. I almost forgot,Vicki has been marked by a demon and these marking show to be both a gift and a curse.
  • Full of passion and excitement.

    My two favourite genres on television are sci-fi and crime dramas, and this is as close as you can get to putting the two together--an ex-cop PI who investigates the supernatural. It began with just one murder investigation, but after the murder ends up being the work of a demon, and PI Vicki Nelson teams up with the sexy, 488 year old vampire in a 17 year old body (ok, so he's really 23), Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond, who was also on the demons trail, all sorts of supernatural creatures seem to be drawn to them. As with all the shows I tend to be drawn to, one of its strongest points is character relationships. Vicki Nelson is a very strong, independent, and brave woman who approaches every case and creature or supernatural force with confidence; so it is inevitable that her ex-partner, cop Mike Celluci, and her new partner, a vampire born from royalty, are both drawn to her. This love triangle is not like most hopeful TV relationships. It is not just thrown in for a little extra entertainment, it drives a lot of the characters actions. It is more tense and realistic than perhaps any other I have seen, despite thesurrounding circumstances.
  • Just another great show that has been cancelled, why??

    I absolutely love it, the show is amazing, it always makes me laugh Henry's sense of humor and the way he talks to vicky, and how she responds him.The fact tha vicky's a strong woman, and all the crazy's stuff that happens to her since she meets Henry. And how Mike reacts when he is in front of Henry. The platonic love that feels Coreen for Henry, all the lines of the show are great. I went totally shock when i found out that the show was cancelled, they are just starting to trasmit in latino america, i really want more of blood ties, please, please
  • Vicky must to chose and she does that...

    Hanry must go avay from Vicky because he know that she does not chose him.Mike love Vicky but he want to kip his job.And Vicky does not know what or who she wants...I just wonder how Christina Cox always have that kind of kuck with leading mans in the series where she act?!The are all hendsome and I love them all!!!I also see her caracter Vicky very simular with her caracter in FX series.Both Vicky and Angie are stronge womens who does not express theres fillings that much.They are not very god at that.I want more of this show.Anding is just to sad...I stil want more...
  • Excellent acting. The cast was well chosen and the plot for this episode was such a great idea.

    **SPOILERS**. Christina Cox's and Kyle Schmid's acting were excellent. We could see the difference when they weren't Vicki or Henry, and they were really capable of being Norman, with the way he walks and all. It was absolutely great and made me laugh at times to see Kyle Schmid as the fake Henry. And I loved seeing Christina Cox as the fake Vicki, with the attitude she had. It was my favorite episode up till now. The plot for the episode was a great idea. I couldn't wait to see the episode when I first saw the spoiler at the end of 1x11 (Post Partum).
  • Vicki Nelson (Christina Cox), a feisty, attractive, 29-year old ex-cop turned private investigator, on a collision course with a stranger. He is Henry Fitzroy (Kyle Schmid), a 450-year old vampire who just happens to be the bastard son of King Henry VIII.

    Is Blood Ties out for good? This is one of the best shows in a long time, how can they just cancel it like that? It seems like they quite enjoy cancelling popular shows after just 1-2 seasons. How about listening to people? You might just learn a thing or two about what kind of shows people like to watch and not cancel the best shows just to produce shows that are dull and lack personality, warmth, intelligence for starters.

    We want Blood Ties back !!! Dont just ignore the peoples demands for great shows. We want brilliance not junk.

    Give Blood Ties back....
  • A+ great stories every week with characters that keep the show interesting. Worth watching

    This Show rocks. If it was properly advertised and moved into an earlier time slot, it would be HUGE.Thank god for my PVR or I doubt I would be awake to watch it. The storyline of a vampire befriending a private investigator is interesting and unique. Each and every episode explores different parts of the supernatural world and sends Vicki on another adventure. I really hope that this show stays on the air as it is a breath of fresh air to all the reality shows out there that are getting old really fast. Like how many survivors do we really need to see? It is better than Buffy and deserves another chance!!! :)
  • I hope Blood Ties is really coming back.

    I really hope Blood Ties is coming back it is a really good show. Blood Ties is one of those shows where I can't wait for the next episode because I want to know what going to happen next. Vicky & Henry seem to have that chemistry thing going and I cannot wait to find out. It would be a shame if it has been canceled even thought they say it on hiatus but you never know. This is a really great show and I hope it comes back to we all can find out what's gong to happen next
  • Round 2 to save Blood Ties has began! Lets tell the stations that we are still here and not going anywhere!

    So I go online today and see that Blood Ties is #18 on the Neilson list even
    after being cancelled. FYI, Moonlight is #1. What do the stations have against
    vampire shows? It's time to let the stations know that we are still loyal to this show.
    The need to know we haven't forgotten. Please sign these three petitions if
    we can get a ton of signatures maybe we'll at least get a finale instead of
    a cliffhanger. Also go to and and vote
    for your shows! You're always wanting to know who they are listening to this
    may be it!? Also contact all these stations. I've included the site to find the contact
    information. Be courteous. We'll catch more flys with honey. As I write on
    all my petitions. The voice of one may be ignored, the voice of many will be
    heard. Let's show them that we are not alone in this. We are many and we are
    not going anywhere.'s%20Entertainment

    (If you think of anymore add it to the list)
    I would say contact lifetime so they will bring it back but they have made
    their choice and, the in the words of our favorite vamp, So Be It.

    We need to flood them with E-mails, snail mail, faxes, update your own blogs
    and spaces to spread the word. Go to every Blood Ties forum and site you can
    think of and spread the word. Copy and paste this message where ever you can.

    This will be posted in a lot of place on the net so I apologize if you've
    seen this post already! Spread the word. Put it on Facebook, Myspace, email all your friends, anyone
    you know. Our word of mouth has made Blood Ties more popular than LifeTimes
    advertising ever did!

    If you are reading this and have never seen Blood Ties all the episodes can be
    viewed at

    Visit my myspace and be a friend!
  • This show was even better than Buffy. To just get rid of it is wrong and inexcusable. It was not given the publicity it needed to get people interested, and should be given the right chance to become what it is capable of being...THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!

    Many people love this show and many people have not heard of it. It was not given the right publicity and advertisement it desirves. This show was Buffy times two, but not given the right chance to prove it. I am extremely mad about this and I will never watch lifetime again. So many people want it to come back. If you want more viewers you have to listen to their oppinions and not ignore them. There seems to be no good shows left. It is wrong to have a show this perfect, and take it away. It is the best show on television (or at least it was). I am extremely dissapointed and pissed off.
  • this is the best vampire show i have seen i love it!

    blood ties is a very good show with so much to offer. It really keeps u awake! and henery is just so cute i love it when his eyes go black. but back to the point it may not be the most pop show but it is realyl good i was very upset when they stoped showing new shows. and vicky kicks ass! she is admazing, but she is caught in a love triangle. i believe that she will end up with henery they r so good together but i hope to find out what really happends. and i lvoe that there r so many different kinds of deamn and what not that they show, i love that it is not just vampire to vampire. this is by far the best vampire show.
  • 1 of the favorite shows for sure!!

    I just love the show! I have always loved vampires stuff, and there are some very interesting episodes. And I just love the main actors! :) Great choice! I would hate to see this show canceled, it is always fun to watch, and it is in a way informative since they have to use some basic knowledge in that area. I hope that at least it gets live in Canada, so we can get it from there. I only watch 3 - 4 shows in total (who would have time for more?), and I'd love this one to be a keeper!
  • The best show ever!

    AHHH! Blood Ties it the best show ever! I can't believe they canceled it! It's jam packed with action, comedy, and flirting! Henry is the sexiest vampire ever, and teamed up with ass kicking private detective, Vicki Nelson, they make up the best 'couple' on tv.
    Henry's powers of persuasion, super strength and speed, and two sets of fangs make up one of the best sets of vampire abilities. But if he didn't have that stupid territorial problem.
    Anyone who likes Moonlight, the Twilight saga, or pretty much any supernatural action filled thing will love this! I even had to go read the books and am now addicted to fan fiction!
  • I love vampire shows and movies but this show is in a league of its own. It has something for almost everyone in it to make it well liked by many different types of people.

    I love this show and so do many of my friends. I would hate for the show to end. I wasn't aware of it until the second season when a friend called and just couldn't stop talking about it. After watching one episode I played catch up on On Demand in just a few days. Personally, I love vampire shows and movies but this show is in a league of its own. It has something for almost everyone in it to make it well liked by many different types of people. Please bring it back for at least one more season to give it a proper ending.
  • i think that blood ties is really a good show and it would be a shame to end it

    Blood Ties should keep going, it's such a awesome show, and a lot of people would be so upset if it's off the air, when a show is canceled it's not that good specially if it doesn't last long, give it two, three years or maybe four years but i know some shows that don't last long, but i think blood ties should just keep going until it's finished as the book did, know one knows how great a show is until it's gone, i mean there's a lot of shows that shouldn't be aired but this should. so don't cancel please
  • A great show that just can't be canceled.

    This was one of my favorite shows. I can't believe that they would try to cancel it. A vampire in a triangle of love and hate along with the job of taking on cases of paranormal things that happen around the city of Toronto. I really hope that it comes back for a third season. There are many places to fight for a third season, but I don't know if it has been doing any good, I just have to ask Why!? Why would they try to cancel it? If only they would give this wonderful show another chance then they could see how much we fans love it.
  • Vicki Nelson - formerly a detective with the Metropolitan Toronto Police. Her last case turns out to be a doozy, involving vampires and the supernatural. She decides to team up with a vampire named Henry and Mike Celluci to battle the forces of evil.

    This is one of great series on vampires and other supernatural things. The series is based on a series of books by a great author. I love everything about this series from the setting to the characters. To anyone who have not seen this series I suggest you go on the computer to because that is where the episodes can be seen the last time I check if you decide you are interested to look. I hope they keep this series going because it really that good and fun to watch. Please bring this series back because I love this series that much.
  • it was nothing more than the samething as angel. plus it was never a love story it was more on one night stands.

    People thought that moonlight was bad atleast moonlight had it's only theroy that had a love story. this show was not working you know why because it was never a love story. because charaters for one thing. they were way off and very corny. this was suppose to be a love story but there was no such thing for love for the vampire and the p.i. chick. that was the only thing that they had in common. vicki was not the type of charactor to fall in love and henry well i think the only thing he loved was being a seducer to everybody accept the goth girl. They tried humor that was not really funny the story line were just to much as the same as in angel. i am happy the canceled it because they tried believeing that this could be pulled off but it was never the case. it just really sucked.
  • Don't slay a great show.

    This show could be another cult hit if given the chance. As with most vampire based programs it has its own unique perspective on vampire mythology, and I find some of those unique perspectives to be quite innovative. Most of the characters, as well as the episodes, are strong and unforgettable. Although, I believe, there should be more heat between Henry and Vikki and Mike needs to find another love interest. The issue of Vikki's sight should be resolved though. There are two many inconsistencies when it comes to her night vision so they should just resolve the problem as it is not that important to the shows concept.
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