Blood Ties

Season 2 Episode 5

The Devil You Know

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2007 on Lifetime

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  • Christina returns. She manipulates Henry without him even being aware of it. Vicki and Mike end up working toward helping Henry solve his problem. Christina confronts Vicki with interesting results.

    A very good episode with some interesting twists. We learn even more about Henry and Christina and what it means to love/hate your sire. ***** Spoilers *****

    It's difficult to discuss this episode without revealing spoilers. Basically the whole situation is a manipulation by Christina. She could dispatch Vicki as any human pretty easily but there seems to be something about Vicki that makes it more difficult. Vicki is the one that discovers the hole in Christina's plan when with the ME's help they discover the first model was very expertly drained dry. Something a new vampire would not have been capable of doing. I really enjoy Nimet Kanji and the Medical Examiner Dr. Rajani Mohadevan. Also it was nice to see Keith Dallas as Detective Dave Graham.

    Alexander played by Andrew Francis is not the rogue vampire Christina put him up to be and in the end Henry helps him the only way he could. Christina played by Laura Mennell is wonderful as Henry's sire and the person who made him what he is today. It was interesting to see the two of them together as we learned about their many encounters over the centuries.

    Mike is really getting good at dealing with this kind of thing. He was right in trusting Henry in this case and I was surprised how they wrote the part with such understanding. Based on past experiences I would have expected Mike to be much more difficult, but I think the way he reacted in this episode was more realistic. Overall a very solid episode from an acting, production, direction, and writing standpoint. Thanks for reading...
  • Christina proves she can still wrap Henry around her finger.

    I liked this episode--not as much as 5:55 but it was still good. I liked that they showed Henry learning and then how territorial they become after the bond between sire and child break. I understand that Henry still loves Christina on some level. I like that Vicki stands up to Christian--and the best part of the whole episode--when Vicki proves she's strong willed! That was funny. I felt bad for Alexander though. Christina turned him without giving him a choice and then just left him. You could see the pain in Henry's face when he killed Alexander. He didn't want to--he felt bad that he wasn't taught either. Overall, good episode, gives a little more background about Henry and Christina.
  • I thought this episode was going to be so much better than it ended up being.

    I liked that Henry was featured more in this episode and I liked the flashbacks but I felt that they were not long enough to show how Henry and Christina's relationship was in the past. I thought Christina would be more intimidating. She seemed very pathetic instead. I did not see any chemistry between Henry and Christina either. This episode seemed rush do to too many inappropriate commercial breaks. I was glad that they did not kill Christina off so if she does return maybe she will make a better villain next time. I have to admit that this episode was better than a similar episode that Moonlight aired but it still could have been so much better.