Blood Ties

Season 2 Episode 5

The Devil You Know

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2007 on Lifetime



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In the scene with the two dead women, the arm of one is across her body and then in the next scene it is hanging towards the floor.

  • Quotes

    • Mike: It's almost sunrise.
      Henry: I know, I'm going.
      Mike: Girl doesn't remember very much. I assume that's thanks to you?
      Henry: Believe me detective, it's better that way.
      Mike: I'm not so sure. These women, their families, for the rest of their lives are gonna think the killer is out there somewhere. Unpunished.
      Henry: He was punished.
      Mike: You killed him. He got off easy.
      Henry: I won't judge him, and you don't have the right.
      Mike: I reserve my sympathies for the people left behind. Like that girl over there. To her, her brother will always be the stalker, a killer. She'll never know what happened, or why.
      Henry: I don't expect you to understand about Christina.
      Mike: What, a relationship where the line is never clear? Some days you think you'll do anything just to get past it...
      Henry: And you know you never will.
      (Mike begins to turn towards Vicki, who is walking toward him)
      Mike: Yeah, you're right, Henry. How could I possibly be expected to understand that.
      (Vicki walks up)
      Vicki: Understand what?
      (Mike looks around, but Henry is gone)
      Vicki: Mike? Understand what?

    • Vicki: I get it. Vampires are cool.
      Christina: And I'm still hungry.
      Vicki: Too bad. Smorgasbord's closed.
      Christina: Your blood is pumping twice as fast as it was a second ago. Careful, you're becoming a tease.

    • Henry: (Using his vampire voice on a model) You're thirsty. You need a water. (he looks her up and down) And a cookie.
      Model: (To Christina) I need five before finals.
      Christina: Stay close, dear. Everybody! Five minutes! (To Henry) She could use a cookie. For all their progress their notions of beauty are barbaric.

    • (To Christina)
      Vicki: So let me get this straight, you're a vampire with a vampire stalker. Now that's a movie of the week I would watch.

    • (To Christina)
      Vicki: I'd make you some lemon tea, but I don't like you.

    • Christina: You miss me?
      Henry: How can I miss you when you won't go away?

    • Henry: Foreplay was always your forte.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: December 6, 2007 on Living TV
      Czech Republic: June 3, 2010 on AXN

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