Blood Ties

Season 2 Episode 8

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2007 on Lifetime
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
A serial killer calls up Vicki and tells her that more murders have occurred and that he can see them. He also proclaims his innocence for the past murders.

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  • Now we have Mike, Vicki, and Henry not playing well together. Mike is locking Vicki out of police crime scenes. Henry is mad at Vicki for the whole Black Magic thing. Finally Vicki is the only one with any sense and understanding of the killer.moreless

    Basically this is getting to be like the yo yo diet. One week a great episode the next not so much. I think they needed to stay away from the psychic mumbo jumbo and stick to the things that go bump in the night,

    Vicki is a pawn in the plan of the three brothers linking up eventually. I'm not sure which of them decided that they were going to be the final one, but in the end it is Charles left standing with his brothers firmly entrenched in his mental makeup. So in a way Charles was guilty of all the crimes. Unfortunately there is no legal understanding of this so Charles will most likely walk.

    Mike has had it with all the paranormal stuff and so when Vicki approaches him he cuts her off and in the end almost gets her killed. Henry isn't acting much better. He's mad at her for the last episode and won't let it go. So again he almost gets her killed. Luckily Vicki can somewhat take care of herself otherwise she'd have been dead a few times in this episode.

    I am beginning to see what happened here at the end of this second season and why this show did not get renewed. Christina Cox and and Gina Holden are great as Vicki and Coreen, but the male characters are sort of being written off the deep end for some reason. I'm not sure what the motivation was but the writing for those two just isn't as sharp as it had been in earlier episodes.

    Two down till the season is over. I am hoping for some barn burners as we have seen in a few of the episodes from this series. Thanks for reading...moreless
Mike Atwater

Mike Atwater

Sydney Perkins [uncredited]

Guest Star

Sean Rogerson

Sean Rogerson

Charles Perkins

Guest Star

Fabienne Quest

Fabienne Quest


Guest Star

Françoise Yip

Françoise Yip

Kate Lam

Recurring Role

Nimet Kanji

Nimet Kanji

Dr. Rajani Mohadevan

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Mike: One more thing, Fitzroy. Don't ever try to get in my head again.
      Henry: Trust me, detective. That's the last place I want to be.

    • Henry: (about Vicki) I never realized until now, Detective, but we have something in common. She drives us both insane.
      Mike: Consistently.

    • Vicki: You wanna talk about this? Great. I was trying to save your life!
      Henry: I'd rather be dead than see you seduced by dark magic.
      Vicki: (scoffs) Oh, I get it. You're trying to protect me from myself?
      Henry: No. You're the only one who can do that. I vowed to protect you from evil; I can't protect you from yourself

    • (Walking into a room where a woman is rocking in a chair)
      Vicki: Mrs. Perkins?
      (Head falls off the body)
      Henry: Definitely dead.

    • Mike: You know what's sad, Vic?
      Vicki: Ah… the ending of Old Yeller?
      Mike: Sadder.
      Vicki: No, there's nothing sadder than the ending of Old Yeller.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Episode Title: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
      The title of the episode references the 1966 Sergio Leone film starring Clint Eastwood .

    • Vicki: Sherlock Holmes, "When you eliminate all other possibilities whatever remains, however improbable, is probably the answer."

      This is an altered quote from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Sign of Four, chapter 5 "Sherlock Holmes Gives a Demonstration." The actual line is:

      "How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains, HOWEVER IMPROBABLE, must be the truth?"