Blood Ties

Season 2 Episode 9

We'll Meet Again

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 01, 2008 on Lifetime

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  • A young boy shows up all of fifteen claiming to have a wife and having lived for hundreds of years. After Vicki has Henry speak with him they realize he is telling the truth and he wants Vicki to find his long lost love. Henry is thinking of leaving.

    The penultimate Blood Ties tale dealing with love, destiny, and devotion. There are a number of things going on here and we have to really delve into the story to see the things taking shape.

    For the major plot we have a fifteen year old, Lee who is an emancipated boy who has lived and loved thru twelve lifetimes with his "soul mate". The stories seem to be often tragic and short lived but the story is always the same. They die together and are reincarnated and meet again when they are teenagers. In a way it is almost a vicious circle.

    This time the girl, Helen, has not come to find Lee and he has had no luck at all finding her so he comes to Vicki as she is known for taking weird cases.

    Throughout the story we see more and more of the tale and begin to understand the futile relationship, but the passionate nature of the story as well. Because of a mix up at the time of their last demise Helen is now ten years older, married, and having another mans baby. She looked for him, but finally moved on after three years.

    In the secondary plots we have Mike ready to lose his job over his relationship with Vicki and Henry finally coming to his senses and getting ready to move on to another life. We meet Augustus played by Blu Mankuma who is like a broker of vampire territories and lives. His family has been handling the arrangements for generations. In the end Lee goes crazy and tries to kill the husband, but manages to get stopped before he kills him. As a minor he'll get juvi or probation as he has never done anything bad before. He'll need to learn to move on with his life though. We really don't know much about either of the guys final dispositions though as things are left in the air.

    A fair episode that is sort on the upswing from the last, but not on par with the previous one to that. I expected something greater being that this was the second to last episode and there had to be some idea that the show wasn't coming back. One more to go! Thanks for reading...
  • teenage love stop in a twisted fate of reincarnation.

    i thought this episode was very sad. To be in love and to loose each other like that over and over again. Who could handle it? Most adults can not deal with loosing love over and over again so what makes the world think a 15 year old boy can deal? I did enjoy the episode it showed true love is strong but yet sometimes if you love somebody you need to let them go. It also reminded a little bit of Romeo and Juliet the young love and then Lee being 15 and Helen being older and they die to be together. Even in the end thou they do not try to repeat the cycle.
  • Great episode about reincarnation.

    Vicky and Henry face their own feelings for each other when they deal with a couple of souls that have reincarnated as a couple for several hundred years. In the latest incarnation, the couple has been split by ten years when one on of them was kept alive on life support after a car crash in 1983. The boy (Lee) is in search for his eternal soul mate (Helen) and finds that she has married someone else after searching for him for a number of years. In the end Vicky and Henry must stop Lee from killing Helen and trying to restart their eternal relationship.

    On another note I hope this show is on again next season. It would be a shame if Lifetime canceled it.
  • Ok I don't know what the hell is going on with the lifetime channel. Something is seriously wrong with it.

    Ok ever since the last episode i saw, which was the good, the bad, and the ugly. But then next Friday Blood ties didn't come on.Then the next Friday after that and then so on and so on. I have no idea what the hell is going on with the lifetime channel. But its really starting to piss me off really bad. I've been missing my show for weeks now and thats not good for me. If anyone else is experiencing this same problem please I need to know. I need to know if it's just my tv or someone elses too. I really miss the show Blod Ties and I'm just wondering why it isn't playing on my lifetime channel.
  • Some excitement but not so much

    I was not happy with how Vickie was portrayed in this episode. She came off as a user of both Henry and Mike. Like she cared for them but would only go to them when she needed something. It made her character look very negative and uncaring. This is especially true when it comes to Mike who is on the verge of losing his job for always having to help Vickie out.

    Mike's job being on the line was one pivotal item in this episode as well Henry considering leaving town. Henry wants her to choose him but knows she won't so he is taking the iniative and getting out her life before he gets hurt even more. This episode did do a good job of playing up the triangle which is what I love about this series because you can root for both guys.

    The storyline was romantic and sad but I didn't find it very interesting even though I did like the guy who played the young kid who had been reincarnated. The woman lacked some chemistry though. The last few episodes are involving Coreen more and I like that alot.