Blood Ties

Season 2 Episode 2

Wild Blood

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2007 on Lifetime

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  • We open with a woman casing a house and checking out the animal heads on the wall. In comes the owner who hears something and gets a revolver. He walks into the den and is attacked by something big and quick. The Police find his head on his desk.

    Entertaining story that could have been better if not for the giveaways early in the plot. Maybe in the first season we might have had some doubts as to what we they were dealing with but even at the point in which the gentlemen was attacked and the placement of the body and the head we knew it was a Werecat.

    The story all fit together pretty well. Mike was a little preoccupied with knowing the woman was guilty but not really trying to understand the circumstance and why it happened. Before Vicki and Henry came up with motive it seemed so random except for the heads on the wall. Once we saw the plaques above the heads things fell into place. This victim (murderer) found a way to kill humans legally.

    Again it is a case of anything different doesn't have a right to exist argument which of course doesn't hold water. Not that murdering him was right, but her killing was retribution for a serial killer. Look at the number of heads on his wall.

    Balance seems to be restored by Mike, Vicki, and Henry an d Mike did the right thing by letting her go home. I was left with the feeling that there was going to be a lot of explaining to do, but that's no different than usual. As far as Mike's new partner is concerned, maybe its time to get her into the loop if things are going to work out between them and to make sure he doesn't get her killed.

    An entertaining episode with very little drama involved. I enjoyed the subject matter more than the story so I gave it an 8.5. Thanks for reading...
  • This episode centered more around the supernatural than the characters which i think was very inportant as it showed the characters really getting stuck into the investigation.

    i have to say i was dissappointed that there weren't more scenes with henry and vicki flirting coz there isn't enough of those to watch : ) however i did enjoy the scenes that they had together as it showed their witty banter and friendship. i was a bit dissappointed that mike didn't come out of the interogation room much but loved the end with him and henry, 'i hate him!' lol. really looking forward to the nxt epi hopefully we will see more of the charaters relationships unfold. i absolutely love this show and its characters and i pray that lifetime realizes that they have a gem of a show in their hands!
  • Bad lighting over Chemistry.

    It took me looking at some screen caps of "last season's" show's to put my finger on it. The lighting was completly off! Every shot that was suppossed to be at night no matter who it was seemed like it was broad daylight, even Henry! There was no "mood" set. When I looked at the screen caps fom doa and wild blood I thought"wow Henry, and mike look amazing in these." That's when it hit me. You shouln't be seeing them that clear. At least not Henry. It looked like Kyle was at a photo shoot. Other than that there was the lack of chemistry, tension and synergy between the characters. But that's something that bad lighting can produce. Take away the mood and the mystery goes with it. Hopefully someone reads this that can do something about it. Even if they just used a filter on the night shot's I think they'd see an improvement. It's a real vital time for Bloodties if we're going to get picked up by someone else. Well That's my two cent's. I don't think it was so much the show's as the mood.
  • Based on book number two Blood Price this episode was full for on hour and needs sharp eyes and ears to keep up. Love the Vicki/Henry moments!!!

    I loved the Vicki/Henry time in the beginning together was so great! They are growing closer and the comment about it only takes a blood transfusion was classic.

    This weeks epsiode really had my interest because the core was so closely bases on the second book and I was waiting to see how they played it out. Granted they only have 1 hour to get a who plot of a book into the show but it wasn't half bad. I would have like to seen more about the family and thier "secert" lives cause man in the book it rocked. I think that is why it might have cause confusion for others. Mike is growing that he can see more than just black and white now but I would like to see more play with his partner.

    I loved how Henry wasn't going to back down in the shed to protect Vicki, interesting to see Vampire vs cat.
  • Though the character interaction between Henry, Vicki, and Mike was wonderful to see, there were scenes in this show that just did not strengthen the uniqueness and potential that Blood Ties has to be a wonderful show.

    The opening scene on the baclony as Henry speaks to Vicki of how he sees the world and of what may happen should he turn her was wonderful to watch. The interaction between Mike and Henry was an equally perfect portrayal of the continuing tug of war between the two men, their unspoken respect for each other and their tug of war with Vicki, however on a scene to scene basis the story got lost in an obvious attempt to give Dylan Neal's character his moment. Honestly, there was too much time spent on an interrogation that did little to promote the plot. The idea of this story would have been better fleshed out in perhaps two episodes, for the tease of another mythological culture living side by side in the Blood Ties world deserved no less. It was very difficult to find symapthy for the weirs and to justify the rushed ending with any kind of emotion other than "well, that was it?" Also, the barn scene where Henry confronts a weir for the first time was embarassing and a bit over the top. It seems to me that a vampire as experienced as Henry would have been able to find a better way to greet this newest member to the 'living legend club'. The 'hissy fit' he had would have been better served by perhaps giving Henry a new insight into himself by allowing him the ability to communicate with the weir while it was in weir form, or at least calm her down so that she would return to her humna form and talk with them both. I loved that htye used a real cat and not tried to generate an computer effect. Put all together this episode had elements in it that every Blood Ties fan was waiting for but didn't get out of D.O.A., however, we are still being subjected to plots that deserve more time and more fleshing out than the 45 minutes allowed. I say if BT gets renewed for a true second season, that the writers need to start thinking out of the box of episodic television. These characters and the supernatural world they are trying to create deserve more time to be developed. String us along, its okay we can take it as long as it is written so well that we are encouraged to suspend our disbelief.
  • This episode started off promising then fizzled out throught the hour.

    I was very excited when I started watching this episode. A big smile came across my face during the opening scene with Henry and Vicki. I was happy to see them have one of their cleaver and intimate conversations that I missed during the hiatus. After that scene, it was extremely hard to keep my full attention.

    The skinwalker plot was a great storyline, though I was disappointed when the majority of the episode was spent in the interrogation room. I did enjoy Mike's character and how he is staring to explore the unknown instead of always pre-judging it. I liked the end when Henry teases him and the way Mike reacts his made me laugh. I really am looking forward to see more of the traingle that they keep teasing us with.

    The special effects were lacking in this episode and I was not fond of the growling scene between Henry and the was almost comical. I expect more from Henry's character and hope that the writers do not intend to try it again.

    I am very excited about next weeks looks awesome! I am glad that Lifetime finally decited to put a preview at the end of Blood Ties for 5:55. It left me with something to look foreward to next week. Hopefully Lifetime is realizing the GEM of a show it has in Blood Ties and will continue to promote the rest of the season.
  • What could have been a good episode ended up being a dud.

    The only scene that I liked from this episode was the opening with Henry and Vicki. This should have been a really interesting episode with the skinwalkers storyline but this episode ended up being really boring. Most of the episode was spent in the interrogation room. They need to focus on the triangle more instead of the cases. I think I have to agree with tvnerd on that point. There has been something missing from Blood Ties since it came back maybe that is it. Henry growling at one of the skinwalkers was one of the cheesiest moments ever seen on "Blood Ties". What is up with the inappropriate commercial breaks on Lifetime? Some scenes were cut into and the ending seemed rushed. Lifetime should time the commercial breaks better. Well at least Lifetime showed a preview for next week's episode. Hopefully it will be better than this week's episode.
  • Nothing happened

    Again -- they are not focusing on the characters but more on the case which isn't a bad thing. I just miss the whole triangle and sexual tension. There were a few scenes that I think were suppose to show that but I just wasn't feeling it.

    I liked the idea of skinwalkers but Lifetime cheated us on the special effects and didn't show us how they changed from human to animal which I was hoping to see. The best thing about this episode was the fact that Mike's partner is starting to question his loyalty to the job and to her because of the fact he doesn't include her on certain when Vickie's involved.

    Overall not a bad episode just not as good as some in the past. The previews for the next episode looked good though.