Blood Ties

Season 2 Episode 2

Wild Blood

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2007 on Lifetime

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  • Though the character interaction between Henry, Vicki, and Mike was wonderful to see, there were scenes in this show that just did not strengthen the uniqueness and potential that Blood Ties has to be a wonderful show.

    The opening scene on the baclony as Henry speaks to Vicki of how he sees the world and of what may happen should he turn her was wonderful to watch. The interaction between Mike and Henry was an equally perfect portrayal of the continuing tug of war between the two men, their unspoken respect for each other and their tug of war with Vicki, however on a scene to scene basis the story got lost in an obvious attempt to give Dylan Neal's character his moment. Honestly, there was too much time spent on an interrogation that did little to promote the plot. The idea of this story would have been better fleshed out in perhaps two episodes, for the tease of another mythological culture living side by side in the Blood Ties world deserved no less. It was very difficult to find symapthy for the weirs and to justify the rushed ending with any kind of emotion other than "well, that was it?" Also, the barn scene where Henry confronts a weir for the first time was embarassing and a bit over the top. It seems to me that a vampire as experienced as Henry would have been able to find a better way to greet this newest member to the 'living legend club'. The 'hissy fit' he had would have been better served by perhaps giving Henry a new insight into himself by allowing him the ability to communicate with the weir while it was in weir form, or at least calm her down so that she would return to her humna form and talk with them both. I loved that htye used a real cat and not tried to generate an computer effect. Put all together this episode had elements in it that every Blood Ties fan was waiting for but didn't get out of D.O.A., however, we are still being subjected to plots that deserve more time and more fleshing out than the 45 minutes allowed. I say if BT gets renewed for a true second season, that the writers need to start thinking out of the box of episodic television. These characters and the supernatural world they are trying to create deserve more time to be developed. String us along, its okay we can take it as long as it is written so well that we are encouraged to suspend our disbelief.
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