Blood Ties

Season 2 Episode 2

Wild Blood

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2007 on Lifetime



  • Trivia

    • Goof: The message that Vicki leaves is different from the message that plays when Mike listens to his voicemail.

  • Quotes

    • Vicki: (about Felicia's glowing eyes) Which raises the question. What about the eyes, what do they say, demon?
      Henry: It certainly does not say cocktail waitress. I've had my experience with those!

    • Henry: (drawing Mike) Can you turn your head to the left a little bit, while you talk?
      Celluci: (to Vicki) Does he have to do that?
      Henry: You can speak to me, Detective. I can hear you!

    • Henry : And yes, I do need to draw you, Detective. It's my profession. I'm looking for inspiration for a new monthly book series I'm writing.
      Celluci: See, the thing is, I don't want to be in your funny books.
      Henry: It's not going to be funny.

    • Henry : You know, I kinda like the idea that Celluci actually needs our help. Makes his smug attitude much easier to bear.
      Vicki: Don't be petty, Henry. It doesn't become you.
      Henry: So you've no intention of showing him up?
      Vicki: Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition.

    • Henry: Shapeshifters have been linked to every animal, from bears to goats to the South American encantado. It's a weredolphin.
      Vicki: (about the killer) I'm pretty sure it wasn't a dolphin.

    • Henry : (looks around Felicia's place) Her taste in art leaves much to be desired, too.
      Vicki: Yes, well, we can't all have wall-to-wall Van Gogh, Henry.

    • Felicia: You can't charge me for driving around in my car.
      Kate: No, but killing a man is still generally frowned upon.

    • Celluci: What's with the head on a table? Is that a statement of some kind, or a warning to others?
      Felicia: Didn't know him. I don't know why someone would try to take someone else's head. It isn't right, is it?

    • Felicia: The only truth you can tell someone is the truth they're willing to hear.

    • Henry: (about Felicia) You think she's... different?

      Mike: I was gonna go with creepy and freakish, but yeah, "different" kinda sums it up.

    • Celluci: (about his case) His head was ripped off and placed on a table.
      Vicki: Still less creepy than china figurines.

    • Celluci: (about his supernatural case) I'd like you to picture Crowley's face if I brought this to her.
      Vicki: Oh, so not pretty!

    • (About Mike)
      Henry: You know, I like him. I'm going to regret having to draw him being eaten by Hellhounds.
      Vicki: Would you get your coat? We have work to do.
      Henry: (Looking at his sketch) They need bigger teeth

    • Vicki: (about the killer) You know what? Shapeshifters idea is not all bad.
      Henry: Oh, it's good!
      Vicki: Why?
      Henry: I've been stuck on my villain for my new series. Celluci being shredded by were-thingies. Now that gives me inspiration!
      Vicki: Henry. Stay with the program.

    • Mike: It's complicated...
      Vicki: That is my line.

    • Vicki: Outside of their driver's licenses they don't have school records, medical records, immunizations... I mean they've been totally off the grid for their entire lives.
      Henry: Neither do I, that doesn't make me a killer. (Vicki gives him a look) Huh, bad example.

    • (Making an airy bowing gesture with his hand to Henry)
      Mike: Your Lordship.
      Henry: Constable.

    • (Looking up at the night sky)
      Vicki: What do you see?
      Henry: It's hard to describe. Not just the points of lights others see, for me the sky is lit up like midday.
      Vicki: Is the whole night like that for you?
      Henry: It's like living your life in Technicolor. All the colors are brilliant, intense. I see points of the spectrum people can't even imagine. And the people, people. The people that glow. Their breath, their blood, pulsing beneath the surface of their skin. It's heady.
      Vicki: I wish I could experience that.
      Henry: All it takes is a simple blood transfusion.
      Vicki: Hmm. I've been branded by a demon, all I'd need is to turn into a vampire.
      Henry: I'd admit it does have its costs. You'd lose your life.
      Vicki: Might miss that.
      Henry: You'd lose the day.
      Vicki: Also one that's hard to lose.
      Henry: You'd lose your friends, your family. You'd lose me, what we have.
      Vicki: Like you lost Christina.
      Henry: Like I lost Christina.
      Vicki: This whole vamp territorialism thing is a bitch.
      Henry: Hm. I suppose it's Nature's way of preventing us from turning too many friends and lovers.
      Vicki: It can't be beat?
      Henry: With control. We can learn not to kill one another. Sometimes you wind up regretting that course of action even more.
      Vicki: People call me a pessimist.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: November 15, 2007 on Living TV
      Czech Republic: May 31, 2010 on AXN

    • This episode is kind of based on the story line Blood Trail from The Blood Books Vol. 1 by Tanya Huff.

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