Blood Ties

Season 2 Episode 2

Wild Blood

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2007 on Lifetime



  • Quotes

    • (Looking up at the night sky)
      Vicki: What do you see?
      Henry: It's hard to describe. Not just the points of lights others see, for me the sky is lit up like midday.
      Vicki: Is the whole night like that for you?
      Henry: It's like living your life in Technicolor. All the colors are brilliant, intense. I see points of the spectrum people can't even imagine. And the people, people. The people that glow. Their breath, their blood, pulsing beneath the surface of their skin. It's heady.
      Vicki: I wish I could experience that.
      Henry: All it takes is a simple blood transfusion.
      Vicki: Hmm. I've been branded by a demon, all I'd need is to turn into a vampire.
      Henry: I'd admit it does have its costs. You'd lose your life.
      Vicki: Might miss that.
      Henry: You'd lose the day.
      Vicki: Also one that's hard to lose.
      Henry: You'd lose your friends, your family. You'd lose me, what we have.
      Vicki: Like you lost Christina.
      Henry: Like I lost Christina.
      Vicki: This whole vamp territorialism thing is a bitch.
      Henry: Hm. I suppose it's Nature's way of preventing us from turning too many friends and lovers.
      Vicki: It can't be beat?
      Henry: With control. We can learn not to kill one another. Sometimes you wind up regretting that course of action even more.
      Vicki: People call me a pessimist.

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