Blood Ties

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 2007 on Lifetime

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  • Why did he have to say he can't forgive her.....

    I was very upset and sad that Henry was so mad and said that he couldn't forgive Vicki for using magic to save him. He would have died otherwise. But not to be able to forgive her??
    I think she used the spell that we all saw early in the season 1 with the ministor who travel and drank blood as he was stalking Henry to kill him.
    I loved the episode for the passion and devotion that Vicki had to Henry but only to have him in the end be so angry and recentful with her. And Mike is crabby and gone.
  • The people Vicki depends on most and they both leave her.

    I think this was the first episode that made me cry. It broke my heart. First Mike doesn't want to be involved in Vicki's world of the supernatural. Then Henry says he can't forgive her. It'll be interesting to see how they patch things up. And Coreen! She tried to talk her out of it, she couldn't even finish the ritual. But if Vicki hadn't done it, Henry would be dead and the mummy would be unstoppable. I feel bad for Coreen--she'd love for Henry to be interested in her and when she said he wouldn't even look at her you could see her heart break. I also feel bad for Mike. He doesn't want to drag Kate into this world too but he can't ignore it. He just wants to be a cop. Henry doesn't want to die but he doesn't want to lose Vicki to whatever it is she just made a deal with. And then there's Vicki herself. She pushes everyone away enough as it is and now that she's trying to protect everyone, she ends up losing them all. Wonderful episode and I can't wait to see what happens next.
  • Thieves steal the pieces to an Incan museum exhibition then make the mistake of removing an amulet from a mummy bringing it back to life. The mummy is targeting Henry so that it can gain his immortal soul, but Vicki won't let that happen.

    Wow what a reverse in course. The last episode was somewhat lost in its storyline and the its overall feel. This episode was straightforward well written, well acted, and it gets right to the point.

    We have Mike finally dealing with his real problem with all of this supernatural stuff. Let's face it, it's not in his job description. As he puts it, "the bad guys should be carrying guns" not stealing the souls of their victims or drinking their blood. Henry is dreaming of this Incan Mummy Pachacamac played by the instantly recognizable actor Danny Trejo who is reaching out to him. The only problem is vampires don't dream and Henry hasn't in his almost 500 years of existence. This has got Henry at least a little nervous and somehow believing that maybe his time is coming to an end.

    Of course Vicki is not about to let any of this happen. With Coreen's help she uses Black Magic to taint her own soul and destroy Pachacamac. Because you can only destroy one eternal being with the help of another. Pachacamac has Death on his side, but Vicki has Satan on hers. It's all related to those markings she has.

    Henry claims he will never forgive Vicki, but somehow I doubt that. Has he ever had a more loyal friend in his 500 years? I think not. A very enjoyable and interesting episode. Thanks for reading...
  • Henry is dream stalked by an ancient Indian mummy come back to life thanks to some greedy thieves. The kick is Henry is essentially "dead" during the day and hasn't dreamed in 500 years.

    Wrapped is a play on one of Tanya Huff's blood books about an ancient Egyptian mummy come back to life after being buried alive over a 1000 years before. I don't recall the entire story but the ending is nothing like "Wrapped". To their credit, Blood Ties writers did their best to film an episode that at least reflects the intensity of Huff's mummy book - they just had 43 minutes to do it in! The entire piece of Henry being stabbed by Vicki in order for her to drink his blood and kill the vampire is (if I remember correctly) not copied at all from the book. His anger and feelings of indignant betrayal seem a bit harsh and unfair. Especially since he knows Vicki's personality is as arrogant and stubborn as his own! So to expect her to allow him to run out the door to what would have been certain "death" (or is it re-death?) was not reasonable. In any case, I loved this episdoe - loved the intensity of the characters and especially the way they are played. They just keep getting better and better at the roles. It's very unfortunate the producuers or whomever is responsible for the continuance of this show aren't going to give it more time on a network that people actually watch and have access too. Very sad statement on our current entertainment industries lack of patience.
  • Vickie loses both the men in her life.

    The storyline to me wasn't that interested but the effect the story had on the characters left an impression that will be felt for episodes to come.

    Vikie's relationship with Mike was forever changed when he had to destroy evidence to keep his partner from discovering the supernatural aspect of his case. By destroying this evidence, he also lost a chance to identify a victim and get some closure for her. This really hurt him and made him questions which side he was on and how to deal with everyting around him.

    Vickie's relationship with Henry was forever changed when she betrayed his trust and used his blood to taint her life force so the mummy would be destroyed when it went after Vickie. Vickie and Coreen also incapacitated Henry to keep him from going after the mummy himself. They did this to protect him.

    The final scene between Vickie and Henry discussing their trust and whether or not Henry could ever trust her again was heart wrenching. What happens next in each of these relationships -- well I can't wait.
  • Wrapped was a great episode and much better than last weeks episode. The character exploration was well done and I can't wait to see how things unfold from here on out.

    This episode was wonderful and tense. The exploration of each character was good. I liked how the darker side of Vicki and her tattoos was interesting. It gave her more validity in my opinion. She became more believable as a hunter of the things that go bump in the night. As far as Mike goes, it showed that despite how easily he seemed to take to these strange cases he really couldn't handle it. We found out that Mike is not as strong as he thought. I thought the tension between him and Vicki was great and I loved the way the essentially ended Mike and Vicki's relationship. As far as Henry goes in his character development, we find that he too is not as strong as we once thought. So far, Henry seems to be the know-it-all of the group and he can defeat any enemy. Henry and Vicki's relationship going up in flames after what she did was so tense I almost couldn't stand it. I was practically biting my nails as Vicki and Coreen were performing that ritual. Coreen was so heartbreaking during the ritual and after when she told Vicki that Henry couldn't even look at her. I was so sad for her because she tried to talk Vicki out of it. I hope he finds forgiveness for her soon. The last scene between Vicki and Henry was amazing and how Kyle and Christina acted so well made the emotional impact of it even more powerful. I think this is a sad but wonderful road for these characters and the show to go in. I can't wait to see the next episode and how these past events continue to unfold.
  • I was hoping that this was better than last week's and this episode definitely did not disappoint.

    This was a really good episode. There are so many things to discuss about this episode I don't know where to begin. I liked the opening scene of the episode. This episode was based on Tanya Huff's "Blood Lines." I liked how they adapted it to the small screen. I found myself feeling sorry for Wendell being in the wrong place at the wrong time and he ends up in this mess. This episode was the first time that Vicki used dark magic and her demonic marks to defeat a supernatural being. It was also the first time that Mike destroyed evidence at a crime scene. My favorite scene of this episode was when Henry and Vicki were in his bedroom talking. The two most emotional scenes in this episode were when Vicki stabbed Henry (I didn't see that one coming) and the last scene. I think the last scene was really heartwrenching. Both Kyle Schmid and Christina Cox did an excellent job in those scenes. I could see both Henry and Vicki's side and then when the cameras showed her all alone. I think a lot of things are going to change after this episode. I don't think Mike or Henry are going to be as involved in Vicki's life as much as they were before. I guess we will have to tune in for the remaining episodes to see the story unfold. I for one can't wait until the next episode.