Season 1 Episode 5

Beyond the Dark Forest

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Apr 15, 2007 on Adult Swim
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Beyond the Dark Forest
David prepares his group to go after George. When they learn he has been secretly transfered to the Yanabaru laboratory in Northern Okinawa, they prepare to head there. When Kai finds out he decides he decides he want to go with the group. But will David allow it?moreless

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  • This episode was pretty good. The Rescue George mission is underway!

    George has been kidnapped, and Saya and the Red Shield are determined to get him back, obviously. It's rare for someone to survive a chiropteran attack, apparently.

    Kai and Riku tag along as well, and Kai is given a quick lesson in how to get your butt kicked. I almost felt sorry for the guy. But David just generally owned there...

    Altogether, not much happened. Although, George was taken to a nature conservatory somewhere, which says something for conservationists. Don't trust 'em. They're doing really weird DNA testing and who knows what at their conservatories.

    Again, not much happened, but it will hopefully get somewhere soon.moreless
  • Saya is beginning her long, twilight battle between her sensibilities and her destiny. Each cut, each loss, each tear she cries carries her further down the spiril.

    I don't even own a TV and I made a point to watch this week...who am I kidding, I make a point to watch every week. I enjoyed the episode, though I liked the previous two a bit more. I ejoy the character development, particularly Saya as she teeters on the edge seperating her age/gender roles from her destiny. Perhaps I am reading a little much into this, but my take is that Saya's destiny, though pre-ordained, is not fully linear; for example, I like to think that Saya has a choice to make rather than having fate thrust upon her. She could easily turn a blind eye, but she, despite her fear and uncertainty, decides to take up her fate. I find her character endearing for this reason - so many other story-lines, particularly in the good-vs-evil dichotomy, have heros and heroines who are more victims of fate than who are fates masters/mistresses.moreless
  • Good!

    Fair episode, this was

    It features Kai a lot. He really wants do feel helpful, and when he learns that George has been moved to the local U.S. Army Base, or somewhere like that, he really wants to help, but George tell him that he will only slow them down. Kai only gets really angry, but George proves Kai's weakness the hard way; by beating him up,

    Well, I really felt kinda sorry for Kai, because he got beat down so easily, and he ended up believing that he is useless, because not even Saya wanted him to go with. So, he ends up feeling useless. Well, I have seen one too many anime characters lately that at at least one feel like they are useless. OF course, it's still being made in a good way, which I really like.

    Oh, and when they prepare to infiltrate the place, Saya finds an onigiri from Kai and Riku. And guess where they are sitting? On top of a building. I kinda feel that all anime characters sits on top of a building or something when they either feel sad or something else in that direction.

    And I really didn't understand what the glasses-dude really wanted.I'll prolly find that out later...

    Anywho, a great episode! 8.7/10moreless
  • nothing really happened

    David is informed that George has been taken to Yanbaru,a nature reserve which is actually a laboratory where chiroptera are artificially created.David also mentions something called "Delta 67".He informs Saya about George's location and tells Kai and Riku to stay put.When Kai objects,David beats the living daylights out of him to make him listen.Meanwhile,Vin Aregano,the representative to the unknown enemy,advises the U.S army to destory Yanbaru thus destroying any evidence of experiments conducted there.The U.S army base consents and sends jet planes to bombard Yanbaru.Meanwhile,saya and co arrive at Yanmbaru.They now have about two hours to infiltrate the lab,rescue George,find any valuable information on "Delta 67" and get out of there all the while fighting chiroptera that have been let loose.moreless
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