Season 3 Episode 7

Boy Meets A Girl

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Nov 11, 2007 on Adult Swim

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  • That was probably the most awesome piece of anime I've watched ever. This episode known as RAPE EPISODE!

    Not exactly sure, but it looked like Diva raped Riku. Disgusting......

    But who gives a darn care about what Diva really did, this episode was marvelous! it's probably the best thing I've ever seen! So much blood, suspense and drama.

    And teh cliffhanger ending was cool, best I've seen. Nothing can really compare to this masterpiece.

    So much tension was there. The fight scenes were cool, and Saya could've killed Diva if she just put her blood on that sword!!! ARRGGGHHH! that was such a bad waste!!

    Anyway, I almost cried. Riku died and was cracked when stuff fell on his naked body (now it really looks like rape, since Diva also undressed before attacking Riku) and Kai took a piece. So wonderful...

    I really love this episode no matter what.
  • I can't believe that b**** would do such a thing!!! I held a pure hate for her since she bit him but after this...that cuts it. I'm going to laugh when she dies!! POOR RIKU!!! I seriously cried my eyes out watching this.

    When I read the description of this episode, I was so happy ready to watch it. I was all psyched to see the chase with Diva, Riku and Kai. And as I watched it a "awwed" at how cute Diva looked as she smiled at the camara and how she was tieing her sneakers. All was fun in games, and long ago I had found out Riku would get raped and then given Diva's blood but as I saw Diva drop her dress, it didn't connect and before I knew it, Riku was crystalizing and the tears fell. To make matters worse, poor Kai lay there and watched it all and he couldn't do anything. And even more tears fell. And now Saya is left on the ship that exploded and now, Kai is all alone.

    I long for the day Diva falls!!! Will miss you Riku!!
  • All you Riku haters and Diva lovers will have something to talk about tommorow. This is one of the most critically acclaimed episodes in the series. You DO NOT want to miss this one.

    This was an emotional episode. Seriously, everybody felt a little pain this time around. Diva, and Carl the Phantom board the Red Shield's HQ. Carl does some mass killing and Diva hunts for Riku. Riku, Kai, and Saya were playing when this happens. Saya and Hagi go off to own those jerks, while Kai and Riku get away. Hagi encounters Carl and they fight one on one. Hagi lost, surprisingly... Riku hears Diva talking to him, so they run. So Diva comes off an elevator, kills like 12 agents, and scares the crap outta Riku. Carl wanders along, looking for Diva (or Saya). He finds of course, Saya. So they fight, and it ends in a draw. Focus then shifts back to the brothers, scared, hiding in the cargo bay. Riku hears a noise, flips out, and it's only Kai. Another noise, and he starts talking to Kai, except, bum bum bum! It's Diva! So she's standing there, Kai shots and is punched into a wall. Then Diva takes her clothes off, walks over, Riku's flipping out, and Saya walks in three minutes later. This is the tear jerker. Riku's dead. David and Lewis come in, so does Carl and Hagi. A big fight ensues, ending in Saya, Hagi, Diva, and Carl staying on the burning ship to fight. Kai yells "SSSAAAAAAAAYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!". THE END
  • Oh My Goddess! Diva Killed Riku! That ****

    How could this have happen? Riku was such an innocent boy with a kind heart and brother to Saya and Kai. And yet that **** Diva have to rape and killed Riku. I'm used to other kids dying in painful things but this has gone to far. The creators of this series have lost their minds. Witchblade would be better because you got a mom with her daughter that is her only family and there's hardly anyone dying from monsters and a few main characters still live through out this sereis. But surly this would be a better ending series rather than this series. Witchblade would be a better show to be seen on Adult Swim.
  • Diva and Karl continue their rampage through the Red Shield. All fall before them. Diva, feeling Riku's presence, slowly tracks him down. Riku runs, but there is nowhere to hide. Diva takes Kai down. He is forced to watch while Diva rapes then kills Riku

    Ah. So very tragic. Great episode, although I did really hate the ending. I often get a bit verbose when discussing the episodes, but I don't have much to say about this grand critique...I found no deeper insight. I just feel sad. The Red Shield is broken, scuttled and sinks under the waves as Karl and Diva break through the ship's hold. Karl and Diva face off against Diva and Hagi. David, Lewis, and Kai barely make their escape. Joel is severly injured. Riku's shattered body goes down to a wattery grave. I thought the saddest part of the episode was Riku's internal monologue as Diva approaches him - he is thinking to himself, knowing he is going to die, 'I have to be brave'. I am saddened again thinking about that moment as I finish his review. My hope is that Diva gets her come-upance.
  • Diva kills Riki with her own blood. Kai and the Red Shield Members leave as he holds onto a red crystal that was a part of Riku, when he broke into many pieces.

    Diva and Carl found the location of the Red Shield and started their attacks. The goal for them is for Diva to find Riku. Tipped off by Solomon, the Red Shield prepared for an all out attack. However, Carl started to take out each member one by one. Saya and Haji left Kai and Riku behind so they could fight off Diva and Carl. As Kai and Riku were trying to find shelter, Riku was secretly followed by Diva, who could hear his heart beats. At that time, Diva with a smile on her face was killing off every Red Shield member, even taking one of their sneakers. Haji fought Carl as Saya heads off to face Diva. Carl pins Haji down with spears from his new arm as he left to confront Saya. Kai and Riku, along with the guards were heading to Headquarters, but were cutted off by Diva who was at the top floor. At HQ, Joel made a drastic decision to evacuate the ship and turn the ship into Diva's coffin. At the lower levels of the ship, Kai tried desperately to open a grate with a coin so they can climb through a chute. Riku was discussing his role as a chevalier. Kai told him that everything would be alright and headed off to get some tools. Riku thought that Kai returned, but Diva found him and Kai shot her, only for her to grab him and toss him to the wall hard. Riku, scared of Diva tried to act strong, but Diva for some odd reason took off her clothing and started to kiss Riku. Saya arrived to see Diva holding onto Kai, as she threatened to give Kai her blood. Saya ran her sword through Diva's stomach, but forgot to put her blood on the sword as Diva shoved Saya back. Diva shoved Kai to Saya as Saya saw Riku (naked) as a statue, just like Irene. Diva gave Riku his blood and thats how he died. Kai in shock saw Riku died, the same way as Irene as a crate fell onto Riku. Kai grabbed the piece and couldn't belive that he failed in protecting him. As Carl was ready to kill Saya, Haji comes to save her once again. The Red Shield members started to get onto helicopters as Carl and Diva wanted to cause more damage. Joel got speared in the gut by Carl's spear as Saya and Haji provided cover for the members to escape. As the helicopter left, Kai was holding onto the red jewel that represented his brother. He screamed for Saya as the ship was burning, then exploded