Season 4 Episode 5

Confused Heart

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Feb 03, 2008 on Adult Swim

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  • Turning Point

    The trouble with the Solomon character is he has an indesisive nature, he can go either way on things, heck the name Solomon is actually pritty ironic when you think about it. Which is why I could never really see his love for Saya as truely mutual in fact it's selfish obsession, it's more like he's in love with an idea of her loving him as well as having her to himself, not Saya for who she really is.

    The interplay between both Saya and Solomon I thought was interesting but also uncomfortable at the same time and thats the point; because it's the classic temptation interplay. We see that Solomon is trying to perswade and seduce her by promising her a life where she can be happy but there is only one price she has to pay which is to give up her destiny, put her sword to rest. I was glad when she said no because if she said yes to Solomon's deal then she would be making the wrong choice. No one can ever live without a destiny chosen or unchosen it's what shapes people's identities. To take it away would make one's soul lost and empty.

    But most of all where her true feelings lie which I've always known were for Hagi (at least I think it's not entirely clear just yet) she has strong feelings for him but also both have more depth and have gone a long way, those kind of feelings like that can never be taken by anyone. Saya doesn't feel that way about Solomon because both have little to no depth, they just haven't gone far enough to get close to any sort of mutual connection, so Saya love for Solomon simply doesn't exist. That's when Solomon's selfish nature turns to malice by having a delusional idea that he can steal ones heart by of course minusing Hagi out of the equasion. But Solomon forgot what the meaning of Chavalia is, which is true protector and lover of the master vampire, Solomon is neither.

    Hagi was really at his best in this episode because as usual he does what any significant other should do, Hagi truly is Saya true Chavalia, we saw this demonstrated in both his feelings of mutual determination in the fight loved it when Saya was trying to protect Hagi at times. As well as physically when we saw for the first time he then unleashes those batlike wings to save Saya from falling. These things have got to be saying something.

    But the same can be said for what happened in the subplots with the other characters. I really like that moment when Mao is honest with her feelings toward Kai and of course kisses him. We even see Kai did enjoy Mao's company and the kiss whether he admits it or not. And then there is David and Julia, David wants her back not just for professonal reasons but personal; and Julia does make the right choice there really isn't anything else back at that bad guy organization.

    All these things that happen in this episode are indications that all of these characters are coming to a turning point in their lives and that the choices they've made now and what has happened are going to lead to the final decison they all have to make for their own destinies.
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