Season 4 Episode 2

Dreams that Chevaliers Dream

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Jan 13, 2008 on Adult Swim

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  • I love this episode! Finally! I find out about Solomon's past!

    Nathan loves Diva so much its insane. On his huge estate, Diva was singing so intensely that she needed to feed. She grabbed him and starting to drink his blood. He thought it was the best thing ever. Her fangs in Nathan on his estate, it was funny to hear him talk about the "bliss" he felt from the thought of his blood mixing with "the queen's blood." He had to tell her to slow down she nearly drank so much. Amshel then walks up after she's done feasting on Nathan. As Diva sings and plays, the two talk more about everything...Diva's wishes, Saya's need for blood, and Solomon, even what to do about traitor Solomon. Later, Solomon shows up and reminisces about the past and how he became her chevalier. After the flashback, and words are exchanged about how he loves Saya and wants to see her live, Diva kicks Solomon to the curb and walks away after telling Solomon that if he really wants to become her chevalier he should "take her" and make her have his baby. Then, Amshel and Solomon face off. Nathan stops them before it gets too heated because they keep destroying his property and how Diva and half of James are sleeping.
    Saya saying Hagi's name her sleep while dreaming of "the promise" was so sweet. Hagi is starting to speak up and show his feelings for her more everyday. He puts things into perspective for her, like when she talks about the world and how so many people don't know of the monsters and the work they're doing to protect them. Saya keeps apologizing to Hagi about how he would've had nothing todo with this had it not been for her. Hagi doesn't regret anything that's happens since the beginning and that her words about traveling the world with him and her sword kept him going. He smiles a lot when he is alone with her. Later, as Hagi is lovingly checks in on Saya with a smile, Kai walks in the door loudly talking about the apartment they found and how he brought Saya some food. Hagi tells Kai that she needs to sleep a little longer and have some alone time leaving Kai to wonder what is up with him. Hagi then retreats quickly to the roof the play the heartfelt song Saya taught him years ago.
  • All you Solomon lovers, this episode is for you. Solomon meets with Diva to explain himself, but no peace is to be had. Flash back to Solomans past. The top half of James sleeps in a jar. Saya, Hagi, and Kai go fishing, the quiet before the storm.

    I thought this episode was pretty good. Another storyline episode. I'd give it an 8.4. The opening sequence after the song has the little interaction between Diva and Nathan; Nathan says something abou tDiva giving him a moment of bliss...but then Diva goes too far, takes too much, and fear crosses Nathan's face. That is just such a Diva moment. I have said that she is a nut job before, and each scene with her only further confirms that diagnosis. Solomon takes center stage...oh, the humanity!! I rather enjoyed his comentary on humanity's self-abuse. He says something like becoming a chevalier raised him above this conflict. But he ended up being wrong as he is now embeded in a similar conflict. Nowthat he is in the conflict, his heart and sentiments torn, pehaps he begins to realize that there can be no perfent world...not one forhumanity, not one for chiropterans...and if that is true, then all his believes...and more importantly, all he has justified...falls apart. He wants peace where there is none to be had. Solomon is left with a choice...and he will need to make that choice before too long. Hmmm, now that I think about it, perhaps I should rate this episode higher.