Adult Swim (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • It'll All Work Out
      Episode 13
      The battle that started in 1883 will soon end in a way no one could have foreseen. Will Saya's destiny really be fulfilled? 
    • Nan-kuru-nai-sah
      Episode 12
      With her sister dead, Saya prepares to kill Diva's babies as well. Before she can, Kai begins to try and convice her to spare her nieces and live on with them. He also manages to get Hagi to tell Saya how he truly feels. As things come to an end, Saya must make her decision. End the line of Chiropterans, or live on an coincide with humans. What will she do?moreless
    • Two Queens
      Episode 11
      Saya tries to explain her reasons for wanting to kill Diva, but knowing her sister does not understand, she begins the fight. Meanwhile Hagi and Amshel begin their fight. It's Queen vs. Queen and Chevalier vs. Chevalier. Who will be the victor?
    • Skyscraper Opera
      Episode 10
      Saya and the others arrive at the Metropolitan Opera House ahead of Diva. While waiting Kai questions Hagi about Saya's ability to fight. With Diva still not having arrived yet, Joel questions whether or not she will come. Saya is quick to say Diva will as she can hear Diva's singing. Upon Diva's arrival, Saya and Hagi immediately go to fight her, but are they ready for what Amshel has planned?moreless
    • Beyond All Blood
      Episode 9
      While Kai, David, Lewis, and Okamura go plant a bomb to prevent Diva's singing being heard world-wide, Saya is attacked by James. With his body made up of Corpse Corp body parts, the Chevalier proves to much for Saya, Hagi, and Lulu to handle. Right as things are looking grim for the three, an unexpected ally arrives to turn the tide of the battle.moreless
    • 2/24/08
      While Saya and Kai go shopping, Nathan appears before Solomon to tell him about Diva's babies. Offering to let him see them, Nathan takes Solomon to were Diva is. Upon seeing Diva, Solomon asks that she die and attacks her. Unfortunetly for him Diva proves to much and he is easily defeated. Elsewhere David and the other find a shocking secret about Diva's singing.moreless
    • As if things weren't problematic enough for Saya and the others, Moses shows up at Kai's apartment and begins attacking him. After being seperated from everyone, Kai tries his best to stay in the light of the rising sun. When Moses manages to corner him in an alley, Kai draws his gun against Moses. What is the reason Moses is attacking Kai? Will Kai be able to use his gun against his friend?moreless
    • Into the Light
      Episode 6
      Julia comes back with the remnants of the Red Shield to their apartment in New York. While she informs Saya and the others of the full situation with Diva's babies, Lulu arrives to visit. This and Kai's friendliness to Moses and Lulu worry Karman.
    • Confused Heart
      Episode 5
      Saya wakes up to find that she is in an unfamiliar bed and her clothes are gone. Wrapping a sheet around herself, Saya looks out the window to see New York and is surprised by Solomon appearing behind her. Elsewhere David is being taken into surgery with Julia, Kai, and Lewis close behind.moreless
    • 1/27/08
      Amshel and Nathan enter Diva's room and find it a mess. When Amshel asks what Diva would like, she points to a picture of Kai lying on the floor. At the Air Base, Saya and the others have arrived and begin setting up. While Saya rests, Kai and David search for Diva.moreless
    • 1/20/08
      Seeing herself as a burden to everyone and not being able to do anything, Mao decides to buy a ticket back to Okinawa. Though she is sure about leaving, she still has her doubts. After talking with Saya and Kai, Mao becomes even more unsure about leaving. Will she leave or stay?moreless
    • 1/13/08
      Everyone has arrived in the United States, and while Kai and the others look for an apartment, Saya rests and recieves her transfusions. At Nathan's estate, while Diva is practicing her singing she is approached by Solomon. After talking to Diva about their past, Solomon tries to convince Diva to let Saya live. Knowing Solomon is in love with Saya, Diva tells Solomon he is no longer her Chevalier. What will he do now?moreless
    • 1/6/08
      While Glay takes Saya, Kai, and the kids fishing, Joel and David attend a party held by Amshel. After an exchange of words, the stage is set for the showdown between the Red Sheild and Diva's Chevaliers. Now Saya and the others must go to new York to confront them.
  • Season 3
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