Season 1 Episode 1

First Kiss

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Mar 11, 2007 on Adult Swim
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First Kiss
Saya leads a happy life with her adoptive parent, George, and brothers, Kai and Riku in Okinawa, Japan. She lost her memory and cannot remember anything beyond the past year of her life. After witnessing a creature kill a teacher at her school things automatically change. Now the monster is after her and the only one that can help her is a mysterious cellist. Now her true destiny begins to emerge and her life is changed forever.moreless

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  • The first episode of Blood+ introduces us to Saya's average life in Okinawa, but wastes no time in slipping into the action-filled plot as she regains her memories, thanks to a mysterious cello player.moreless

    Starting off with a gruesome scene of a girl slaughtering everything in her path in the middle of the Vietnam War with nothing more than a katana, the viewer is left in a state of confusion, wondering what in the world could be going on. This was a flashback that sets us up for the introduction of Saya, a normal high school girl, who frequently loses her memory. However, after she hears a song being played by a mysterious man, she begins to recall things that, odd enough, seemed to have happened nearly a century ago. The man later approaches her with a dagger, encouraging her to remember her past and to kill a horrible hematophagous monster that is running rampant at her high school, for she is the only one who is able to do so. The episode is full of drama and action, and has an amazing storyline set up. The introduction to this series surely won't dissapoint.moreless
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    This is one of the best pilot episodes I've seen for an anime. A great balance of character development, plot reveals, and exciting action. Saya is an excellent female character who is believably kind, without being over-the-top sweet. The mysterious man with the cello is compelling as a link to Saya's past and brutal power. Normally, I find the family scenes in anime to be overly sentimental -- they beg the audience to love the family -- but in Blood+ the family scenes are authentic and truly endear the audience to Saya, her adoptive father, and her two brothers. Her non-blood-related-brother Kai is charming and obviously loves Saya. It will be interesting to watch these characters interact as Saya regains her powers and fights the Chiropteran monsters.moreless

    Just like Death Note, I was influenced to watch this show. Lots of people said it was awesome. So I had to watch it. And..... was freakin' amazing! Everything was so nice, so suspenseful and dark. Gory too, yuck. I was so appealed after watching it!

    Basically, I still don't get much of it, well probably because it was just the first episode. Probably more will be revealed by the next episode.

    In the Vietnam War, some human goes around stabbing people. I was so disgusted, I knew that this show wasn't for a 4th grader, but now I wish it was! It was amazing!

    I totally recommend it to other people!moreless
  • A new world I have entered.

    Wow what an amazing episode.

    Now I have not ever watched a Japanease cartoon with english subtitles before. The only animated shows I ever watch are the ones on Disney channel and Cartoon Network but after I watched Blood+ I feel like I have missed out on alot.

    One word : amazing. The show is filled with great suspence ,Horror, and action. And the storyline is amazing but I have not watched the movie Blood so it was confusing at first but the writers did a good job catching up the story in a 27 minute episode which is a very good sign of a promising show although I was surprised to know that the first season only had 13 episodes.

    The first episode 'First Kiss' revolves around a teenage girl called Saya who is adopted and athletic. Now Saya apparently forgot her memory and as I watch the episode her memories are supposed to be really violent. The night before a sports competition Saya forgets her trainers at school but when she goes to get them she is attacked by a monster who sucks blood. The attack ended up killing one of her teachers and injuring her. Then a man with a knife who appered shortly before the attack fights of the blood sucking creature who is from what I have seen called a Chriopetoran [ Forgive me if it's wrong, it's kind of hard to remeber] and then the mysterious man collects some blood of the monster and sucks it and then kisses Saya [ powerful event ].

    Very exciting plot.

    Great idea and suspenseful music to go with it.

    The kiss and the memory that came back to Saya keeps you wanting more.

    I have not rated the show as 9 or over because sometimes the animated characters seemed to move kind of slow which annoyed me but it was still good and the reactions of Saya were too weak at some points like when her teacher was taken up the tree by a scary hand she just stared when in other situations there would be a massive amount of screaming going on.

    All in all it was great .

    The episode gets an A for sure.

  • This is quite the awesome first episode.

    High school student Saya Otonashi is an amnesiac who doesn't remember anything from before one year ago, though a flashback from the episode's first few minutes (which show us immediately why the show is called "Blood"+) hint that it's probably better that way. She lives with an adoptive father and two brothers. At any rate, one night she runs back to her school to retrieve forgotten running shoes and encounters a horrific blood-sucking creature called a Chiropteran. That information is given to her by a mysterious (and extremely good-looking!) cellist. This cellist knows a lot about the chiropterans and attempts to help Saya fight them by forcing her to drink his blood.

    Despite the "wtf" moment, it appears to work, as the episode closes with Saya's eyes turning bright red. It's quite the explosive way to start off a series, and it has much promise.moreless
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    • The First Kiss - Hagi, with his chevalier's blood - kisses Saya. Saya's eyes open, as if from a dream, glowing fiery red. She stands and says in a commanding voice "sword". For that one moment, she has awakened. The kiss is reminicent of Sleeping Beauty: prince Charming kisses Aroura, waking her from decades of sleep, so she can fulfill her destiny to destroy the evil Queen. The orginal story of Sleeping Beauty was written by Charles Perrault in the 17th century.

    • The scene where Saya's gym teacher gets killed by a chiropteran in a tree is the same from Blood: the Last Vampire where a soldier gets grabbed by a chiropteran in a tree.