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do you think he is divas and sayas mother's chevalier?

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    I think I covered this on another thread but the most likey reason he had Saiya "kill" him was it was the only to gain his freedom. Red shield may be damages but thats not the same thing as destroyed or disbanded. With Diva irrefutably dead, its seems reasonable that they would move thier primary attentions down to the next greatest threat i.e. any of Diva's Chevalier's that are left (yes I know that technically Nathan is not one of Deva's chevalier's, but he is a Chevalier who was on Diva's side.) All of the other ones are dead (as far as we know) so had Nathan just pulled an escape act, he would have been looking at a life of non-stop running. Red Shield may not be able to kill him but there are a lot of things they could do to him, some of which would probably be worse than death. with the "exit: he played however he's more or less free. Red Shield thinks he dead so they won't be looking for him He's got no queen to serve, and since he knows Diva's babies are going to be well taken care of, no real resposibilites beyond what he decides he should do. He's finally a free man (well a free chevialier) That being said, I can easily see in the years that follow the last episode Nathan eventually revealing himself to Kai and possibly even staying in Okinawa and assisiting in the raising of Diva's babies, since this probably marks the first time in history that two queen will be raised together, and while this is proabably giong to be a good thing overall there may be some tricky patches and someone else experienced in taking care of an (emotionally) youg queen may be handy.
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    I do agree with you. But there's another thing that I've been thinking about this whole thing. Like you said, if Red Shield thinks he's dead, they have no reason to go after him. So, I was thinking that, if he is Saya and Diva's mom's Chevalier and stuck around to see what would become of each of them, couldn't he have some sort of compassion for Saya? If I remember, he stopped James from killing her once. I thought maybe, that he knew that Saya's sleep was approaching, and that she would not rest until she gets rid of all of them. So, maybe he asked her to kill him, to kind of give saya some relief in knowing that she didn't have to kill anymore and could finally sleep.
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    I think he's the girls' mother's cheaviler. no doubt about it. Still, he's the only character that looks like a pretty boy.
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    I definitely think that Nathan is either Saya and Diva's mother's chevalier or their father. *gasp* I think there are many possible reasons to why Nathan had Saya "kill" him. He could have done it because of his love for the stage, so it was just theatrics. He might have just wanted Saya to believe he was dead, so he can lurk around more freely without fear of people bothering him. Whatever it is it would definitely be fleshed out in a sequel.

    Nathan is one of my favorite characters, I loved how he was introduced as almost a nothing character. I thought he was the most insignificant of Diva's chevalier. Then as the series nears its close he turns out to be the most important, and most likely the most powerful of the chevaliers. If they ever make a sequel I want to see him fight with full force.
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