Season 1 Episode 7

I Must Do It

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Apr 29, 2007 on Adult Swim
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I Must Do It
While David and Julia decode what they found at Yanbaru, Riku finds out about George's death. After finding out, Riku hides in his room and refuses to come out. Now Kai must take on a fatherly role to cheer his brother up.

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  • Kai has to step up and offer Riku some consolation after the latter is told about George's death.

    Another semi-uneventful episode, this one focuses on Riku as he has to deal with George's death. He locks himself in his room and won't talk to anyone about it, and Kai attempts to cheer him up, being as how he's now the man of the family and all.

    Aside from that, we see more of this reporter from a university that we saw last episode. He's beginning to put two and two together about Yanbaru being more than what it seemed.

    Also, apparently a large shipment of wine was made from a girls' boarding school in Vietnam. (Vietnam? I'm thinking of the first episode. Wasn't that in Vietnam?)

    It's kind of confusing. Ah well. Hopefully things'll clear up.moreless
  • To save his remnant of humanity, George is euthenized by Saya to prevent his transformant. Now Saya, Kai, and Riku must deal with the loss of their father. Dark forces are heedless of of their grief and while they mourn, the future looms dark ahead.moreless

    I rated this one as good...say another 8 out of 10. I rather liked the family flashback and I think the portrayal of Saya was very interesting from a developmental stand point. I even laughed out about the torn-up book and Saya's grimaced face as she stepped on the ants. I noticed that she didn't seem to be smiling when she did that, as if there was malice behind it; rather is was more like a child projecting his power...ergo 'look what I can do and nobody can stop me'. This got me thinking about the plot premise that Saya has only one year of memories...or perhaps it is more accurate to say that she has conscious access to only one year of memories. I think that could explain why she appeared so socially maldeveloped. Off the topic, how old is she supposed to be?...I mean, I know she is like 200 years old, but how old is she supposed to be in human terms... Ok, back to my original stream of consciousness: So with limited memories or access to memories, she really is a child. I wonder if she matures faster as her memories return. I guess that I'll have to be patient and see how this plays out.moreless
  • Nice!

    Saya and her family has been moved to a boat, for reasons I don't know. But, anyhow, Riku doesn't know that his father has died, until David tells him early on, and this leaves him depressed for the most of the episode. Poor kid... really.

    Meanwhile, both David and that reported dude gets more info on the bombing of the building, and, and who's behind and so, and David is looking for the thing "Diva", and this leads them to a Vietnamese boarding school.

    Meanwhile, Saya gets to learn more of her past from Haji, but he only teaches her sword fighting. Kai and Riku then remembers some good times with George, and that was so beautiful.

    In the end, Riku ends up being a little less depressed.

    Also, Van Algerno meets a mysterious guy named Karl

    Cool episode, I just can't wait for more!. 9/10moreless
  • Nothing really happened.

    Basically,Riku finds out about George's death.He gets all depressed.Saya wakes up from a nightmare about George.She's all depressed.David and Julia decode the information they collected in Yanbaru.Kai tries to chee Riku up talking about how happy they were with George and how Saya should be feeling having been the one who allowed George.They all get so depressed that you could cut the depression in the air with a knife.After that,Saya confronts Hagi and asks him to reveal her past.He doesn't but shows some moves he knows in Saya's sword techniques.Then,David informs that it's detination Vietnam.Saya decides to continue fighting the chiropterans in the end.This whole episode was boring.There was practically no action as it was an aftermath episode of the Yanabru incident.But the next episode is the start of the Vietnam arc which is pretty exciting and where the chevaliers will be introduced.moreless
  • Riku finds out about his fathers death. Julia decodes the information retrieved by David. Hagi demonstrates some fighting techniques to Saya. Now Kia must step in to comfort his brother.

    Nothing really happened, except that they discover some cover ups, or possible ones. Saya really shows an interest in her past, but Hagi is not quick to answer, I'm sure he will later. I am really starting to enjoy the story and can't wait for some more action, this episode didn't really have any of that, except watching Saya practice, but I really kinda felt embarrassed for her, as i normally do for characters that look silly. The episode really kept me hanging. I really would like to know some background on Saya, i'd like to know more of how the Chiropterans got here and definitly want to see her kill a Chiropteran next episode.moreless
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