Season 4 Episode 6

Into the Light

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Feb 10, 2008 on Adult Swim
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Into the Light
Julia comes back with the remnants of the Red Shield to their apartment in New York. While she informs Saya and the others of the full situation with Diva's babies, Lulu arrives to visit. This and Kai's friendliness to Moses and Lulu worry Karman.

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  • Lulu seeks out Saya and friend for fun. Moses meets Kai for blood supplies, the two talk of friendship. Karmen is pissed that his remaining two friends are meeting with humans. Karman has the thorn. James seeks out Moses for a 'deal with the devil'.moreless

    The remaining shiff dominate this episdoe. I thought this ep was pretty good, I'd give it an 8.4 on the obligatory rating system. However, when one conjoins this ep with the next one, I'd rate it much higher. The moral conundurum is laid by the reconstructed James...going something like "I'll save you if you help us". Of course anything the reconstructed James will ask of Moses will be no good. Of course, it wasn't too long ago when James led that corpse corp assult on them leading to the death of two shiff; how quickly Moses forgets. I enjoy the Lulu character; she carries an innocence about her, despite being a figher, a killer, she finds enjoyment in her inquisitiveness, in conversation with Hagi and Saya, in simply watching TV. I liked her comment to Karman and Moses, something like: "I am starting to feel a different way...that maybe we will live". If a single word can be used to describe the innocent, I would say that one word is hope. And in this instance, with her friendship with Saya and Kai, Lulu begins to feel hope. One could see two of the stages of grief in Karman, the anger and the acceptance...of course, there are two stages inbetween those two steps: what happened to barganning and sadness??? Anyway, I digress. The imagery of Irene, then the rest of the fallen shiff, give Karman a change of heart as he is about the tear the throat out of some woman a hostipal gown. As he later talked to Moses, karman postulates that their friends still live withing their memories. Isn't that a universal truth? We hold our friends and families in our hearts, and they live on within us when their physical presense dies. I thought it rather sad, yet touching, when Karman asked Moses to remember him. The guilt must be tearing up poor Moses. Julia decided to stay. The group talks a little about Diva's pregnancy, though very little is revealed. Saya states that she will kill Diva before the babies are born. She doesn't appear to be a very good auntie at that point.moreless

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