Season 3 Episode 3

Limited Existence

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Oct 14, 2007 on Adult Swim
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Limited Existence
As Irene shows signs of dying, the Schiff prepare to execute their attack on Red Shield HQ. Meanwhile, Julia finds D-factor. D-factor seems to be the secret of the Chiropteran blood. Mao and Okamura find Saya's hideout and try to sneak in, but are caught by Lewis. David says he will send them back to Japan.moreless

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  • This episode is closely linked to the previous. Kai debates with Saya about the Shiff, but Saya doesn't budge. They have attacked her several times already, each time with the intention to kill. Mao finally meets up with Kai, but Kai could care less.moreless

    Great ep. Pretty good dialogue and dynamic between Kai and Saya. It is interesting that each can be 'right' and each completely disaggrees with each other. Both Kai and Saya are stubborn, although for similar reasons. It is difficult to pick a moral high-ground in their debate. Saya has an undeniable point - evil or not, the shiff are trying to kill her - they weren't asking questions first or trying to negotiate...blades first. How would Kai feel now if during the previous several encounters the Shiff had gotten their way and killed Saya? Additionally, how many Red Sheild did the Shiff cut down without question, without remorse? And as the cherry on the top of the Blood sundea, the shiff tried to kill Riku right infront of him...Kai himself took some shots at them. And he is trying to tell Saya that they aren't her enimy. Now, on the other side, Kai is probably right...their is potentionally a solution and alliance, after all, the shiff are after Diva as well. It really is a tough call. I did not understand the bit that Hagi said to Riku. Speaking of Riku, he joins in the fight for the second time against the Shiff, knocking Lulu out of the window...did he push her, or did he actually head butt her? I could not quite tell. Mao and Okamura get caught by Lewis and Okamura tried to play hard-ball with David of all people - what could Okamura possibly be thinking? Mao finally see's Kai, but Kai blows her off, he has more on his mind than she could possibly understand.

    Here is my parting thought: Last week I suggested that I did not understand why Kai was so quickly, so deeply into Irene. Sure, Irene is a cutie, but his emotional investment seemed high for just a simple infatuation. Having considered the dialogue between Saya and Kai, I speculate that this whole thing has more to do with Riku...and perhapse to a lesser extent, Saya herself. I think that Kai needs to believe that there can be some sort of redemption, that there is some choice and meaning to everything, that they all are not mere pawns of destiny and duty.moreless

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