Season 4 Episode 1

Magic Words Once More

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Jan 06, 2008 on Adult Swim

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  • Kai, Haji, and Saya return to Gley's home for some R&R. Joel and Davil crash a Cinq Fleche party. David and Julia meet up briefly. Joel and Amshel share inuendos. Saya finds a moment of peace. Mao and Monique sympathize wtih each other about Kai.

    Although this seemed to be a transitional episode, I thought that it was pretty good. I'd give it an 8.4 on the obligatory rating system. Actually, I thought the overal dialogue was excellent. Nothing really earth-shattering, but some many nice little tidbits here and there: the conversation between Hagi and Saya, Mao and Monique, Kai and Saya...even Joel and Amshel come to mind. I particularly enjoyed Kai quoting George "live for today, look forward to tomorrow and always remember to smile". I would have liked to have seen the picture that Lewis shocked Okamura with. I laughed out loud when David returned the pen he held up to Van Argeno's throat. I would have said that this episode was a little boring, expect that I was very pleased by the dialogue. The imagry of the sunset and Saya's dream was very cool too. I feel a little bad for Monique, but strangely enough, not really for Mao, although they are in much the same boat.