Season 4 Episode 8

May Tomorrow Be a Clear Day

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Feb 24, 2008 on Adult Swim

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  • Nathan visits Solomon who then tries to kill Diva. Diva puts a beatdown on Solomon. Mao sets up Kai to spend quality time with Saya. Hagi does chores. David wants to get back intot he fight, reconciles with Julia. Lewis wants pudding. Political subtext.

    This episode is fantastic. I'll give it a 10 on the obligatory rating system. There's a lot things going on in this ep: Solomon's disheveled desperation, Diva's babies, Julia is officially back on the team, Hagi's domestic responsibilities, Mao trying to set up a love connection between Kai and Saya, Saya's regret. Oh, yes, and of course, Kai having to buy feminine hygiene products for Mao; oh, the look on his face when he sees Mao's list...priceless. And in the very end, we learn of the promise shares between Hagi and Saya so long ago. Wow, they packed all that into 25 minutes. Van Argeno's quote comes to mind, "Fear and illusion are the essence of the United States." But can that not be said to be true of all governments? We don't see a lot of political subtext since the first 6 eps. That is a bit of a change. And the monologue by Mao towards the end, then countered by Hagi, was interesting as well; again I think of the old quote "Together we stand, divided we fall"...this concept has come up a number of times since ep 32. Wow, Dive sure made short work of Solomon. The short exchange between Saya and Hagi while sitting on the front steps of the apartment was touching...they hold hands briefly and Saya thanks him. She isn't very affectionate, so when she does small things like that, it really sticks in my mind.