Season 3 Episode 11

Mismatched Feelings

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Dec 09, 2007 on Adult Swim

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  • Saya tries and fails to pawn James, Kai has a run in with Saya, and Van Argeno is held at ballpoint. (ha ha)

    Where to start? Well, David, Lewis, and Kai plan for David to infiltrate Cinq Flesche base with some help from Onikawa's info. He assumes the identity of a similar looking agent who dropped his card. He's in, but Van thinks somethings up. Meanwhile, good old James is taking Diva to eat with the secretary of Defense (Diva, of course, can't have that.) She instead, begs James to take her to sing. Sure, fine, they go to let Diva sing. Diva throws herself off a balcony, so James will catch her, and (lol) says, "Do it again!" Saya, with Kai behind her, goes to do some pawning. She and Hagi find the opera house empty. They poke around, and find a collosal set, resembling the Zoo, come down. Nathan says, "This is James Ironside, created to protect Diva." Or something to that effect. On the inside, David finds Julia, gains some information, and sees a bunch of Corpse Corps. Then, after a failed attempt at flirting, is attacked by security, and Van. Van, being cocky, asks David if he wants some candy. In a flash, David takes him hostage with a ballpoint pen, and escapes that way.(He leaves Van for some reason.) Saya scares Diva, so she leaves, after promsing not to eat the driver. Saya can't win, so Kai shoots the light thingy and it falls on James. As they're about to leave James attacks, and Nathan? stops him. After Saya makes her departure, Kai and David come back to the car, and Lewis comments about how much the two are alike.
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