Season 3 Episode 2

Paris, Jet'Aime

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Oct 07, 2007 on Adult Swim

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  • While walking the streets of Paris, Kai runs across a girl in a dark cloak set upon by two armed muggers. Kai kickes some ass. Then learns the girl is Irene, a shiff. As they talk, and unlikely friendship ensues. Will that change the ballance of power?

    I give this ep a 10 of 10. Iparticularly enjoyed the interaction between Irene and Kai. The dialogue in this episode was fantastic. Did you ever think about asking?? Ha, I take special delight in that line. Also, it's about time that Kai kicked some serious ass when he put the two muggers on the ground. This was revealing for me, as I did not see this ep in the orginal Japanese, so the Shif backgroud answers some questions. It was cool to see Saya and Hagi sparing. Nathan is a riot...oh, what a lovely dress, I'd wear that one. I have to wonder if that line was the same in the orginal japanese version. So now, poor Irene's days are numbered...and Kai was on the right, potentially, tract...but the shif blow it in the end. Too bad there was not a skilled negotiator on hand. What I don't quite understand is why Kai was so quickly taken with Irene. I find that interesting. Is Kai trying to find a greater meaning in the world now that Riku is Saya's chevalier? Or perhaps he is just lonely. Or is it simply that he saw a girl in need and being a man, he rescues her? Unfortunately, none of these questions are specifically answered.