Season 4 Episode 3

Place Where I Belong

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Jan 20, 2008 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

Early in the day, Mao was at the airport buying a one way ticket to Okinawa. Okamura was coming home from the market when he gets a surprise call from Mao telling him to come pick her up. He drops the grocery bag mad at the fact that he has to get her from another disappearance, then just as he leaves the building his apartment is blown up. As one of his flaming ramen cups lands right next to him, its not hard to tell that he is thinking about how he could've been in pieces.
Okamura and Mao find the others at an apartment where they have been for a little over a month while trying to track Diva's activity. So far they found out that she has a performance in September at a base. Mao checks out the place and thinks that with all the money Joel gives them they would have found a better place. Kai says it was all they could get and the AC is busted. Mao says she feels sorry for Saya being the only female and asks where she is. Kai tells her she is sleeping, which Mao is surprised, and to pipe down because she hasn't been feeling well lately, but Mao says she understands and they wouldn't because it's a girl thing. The guys just look at each other with puzzled looks on their faces. Mao boots Hagi from Saya's room before Mao gets comfortable and starts having girl talk.
Meanwhile, Okamura thinks his apartment was most likely blown up because he was leaking footage from Amshel's failed assassination in the Internet and someone didn't like it. They figured it wasn't Amshel because he would just brush it off because of his ego, but two unknown men that were in the footage a table away looked Amshel's way before the gun was even drawn. David decides that this is a good direction, so he tells Okamura to keep leaking the footage to figure out who tried to have Amshel killed. Okamura is skeptical saying it will be worse next time, but Luis tells him not to worry because he has some great ideas. Van and Dr.Collins were happily celebrating their new promotions when Julia walks in and asks Collins to look over some new data. He tells her that she can handle it right as Amshel walks in the door. Amshel has a request to have Diva examined by Julia and wants to make her Diva's primary care physician. This insults Collins as he is told to focus on the Corpse Unit being that is his new position.
At the apartment, Mao apologizes to Saya ahead of time for the breakfast saying she couldn't cook but Saya thought it was really good. Mao starts talking of home and how after 18 years, she has a little sister born last month. She thinks its funny how her old man is so "energetic." Saya thinks of home as she looks out the window and wonders how Kaori is doing. Mao tells her not to worry because she will be home soon enough and she can ask her herself. Mao then asks Saya to promise to comeback home when this is all over and she does.
Later, while Mao is out (again), she spots Kai and Luis as they are on their way to meet one of Luis's contacts. Mao tells them that they are working hard and how they have to protect Saya. Luis goes on ahead while Mao and Kai have a talk sitting on the stairs. Mao talks about how useless she is being, but Kai says he isn't doing any better and thinks she is pretty amazing for traveling half way around the world without knowing what she was getting into. Mao asked Kai if they could just sit there for a minute in the quiet.
Luis meets up with the contact that is a woman from the old days and she tells him that he is fat. He tells her you need to gain a lot of weight for his job. After the meeting, Luis tells the others about the new commando units and how deep Amshel's connections might be. Kai is skeptical of the info and asks how can he trust it. Luis tells them how the CIA and Military exchange info from time to time and how some of it is leaked purposely. David says that sometimes you have to use one to get something from the other.
Later, Joel visits a former General's home to see if he had any info on the inside. He tells him he should stay away from that and interest himself in opera. He shows Joel a program for Diva's performance that gives Joel an uneasy feeling.
Back at the lab, Julia discovers that Diva is pregnant with twin girls. Amshel reveals that through the years Diva has tried with humans and chevaliers to reproduce but has been unsuccessful, but when she "made it" with Riku, she became pregnant mostly due to their incompatible blood. He goes on to say that soon Diva will give birth to two queens who intern will give birth to two queens who will have chevaliers and so on until the world is filled. Amshel sees the worried look on her face and tells her it can't be fear, but excitement because of her research in the past on creature reproduction. He had been checking about her for along time. Julia asks him that if he knew who she was, wouldn't he be worried that she would try and kill Diva. He responds that it's a silly question because she is like him, a seeker of truth. Collins goes crazy and completely messes up his office at the thought of being replaced by Julia.
Back at the apartment, Mao gives the guys some fresh coffee that she made then headed to Saya's room with hers. David sips it and looks at it. Kai asks what is wrong because you look a little green and he replies it just tastes different, which makes everyone else a little worried.
As Mao is about to open Saya's door, she overhears Saya and Hagi talking about how her 30 year sleep period is coming soon. Mao walks in and makes a joke about sleeping but they give her a solemn look. Saya tells Mao that she sleeps for 30 years and wakes up for a 2 to 3 year period and sleeps again and she doesn't want Mao to tell the others. Mao slaps her and tells her that she shouldn't keep things like this and doings things like this on her own. Saya says its because she knows how hard they are working that she is doing this. Mao promises Saya that she won't tell them and leaves the room. Mao closes the door and Hagi bows to her in gratitude. Then she heads to the kitchen and drinks her own coffee and proclaims its gross.
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