Season 4 Episode 3

Place Where I Belong

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Jan 20, 2008 on Adult Swim

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  • Cinq Fleche is onto Mao and Okamura and attempt to kill them by blowing up their apartment. Mao questions her purpose and decides to return to Okanawa. Will she change her mind? Collins goes off the deep end. We see more of Julia's dark side.

    I thought this episode was pretty good. I'd call it a 8.4 on the obligatory rating system. Less subtext than usual, although the whole 'you can't do it alone' keeps popping up, even running back a few eps. We got a little more Mao than usual, but that's not too bad for a change of pace. Mao is still a trip, but after giving up on Kai she as lost some of her edginess - slapping Saya not withstanding. I like that Okamura can 'fire back', "I know I'm jinxed, I'm stuck with you!" Ha...what a riot. As amusing as Mao is, I think that this episode shows a very human side to her; sure she is still fiery, but she is now aware that the world is so much bigger than she though it was and she knows that she is the center of that world; her life as a yukuza princess is over...and suprizingly, she is ok with that. Collins went of the deep end, but given that his own sanity has been questionable for some time, I'm not terribly shocked. But then, I've always thought that Collins was a spelunker. I still think that Julia is a Judas. I don't care how much one values 'science', she knew Riku. How she could deal so intimately with the one responsible for his death is beyond my ability to understand. Is there any hope for Julia? The road to redemption is always long and hard, but one must take that first step...and she seems unwilling to do that at this point. Anyway, I'm wating for the plot to move forward rather than tredding water like this ep and the past few.