Season 3 Episode 8

Power of Believing

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Nov 18, 2007 on Adult Swim

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  • One year has passed since the death of Riku. Saya and Hagi have disappeared. David world is shattered; he has lost his faith and can not bare the the world sober. Kai and Lewis continue the fight - surounded by chiropterans, they are saved by Saya.

    I thought that this ep was pretty good. I had not seen this one before. I'd give it an 8 on the obligatory rating scale. Actually, as a transitional episode, I thought that they did as well as they probably could. There are a number of story lines that are touched upon. I also thought the portrayal of David's escapist alcoholism was pretty accurate - sometimes trauma - and let's face it, the loss of the Red Shield was about as traumatic as it can get for David - can shatter a perception of reality; everything that David thought was true and everything he valued was destroyed in an instant. The difference with Kia, who I would argue lost so much more, is that while David had his reality based on an abstraction, an idea, Kai had his value placed in something real, something tangable, namely family. Kai is more resilient, stronger in this sense, because eventhough he lost Riku and Saya, his faith was already grounded. David's faith was nebulous because 'ideas' themselves are abstract. David isn't able to get his act together until he can see that the world still exists, that people still need help. Lewis and Joel are much more like Kai in this regard, I believe; neither has given up the fight. In this way, their roles are reversed from early in the series; recall the fist fight where David kicks Kai butt badly, this time, Kai kicks David butt. The mention of Emo Saya in the forum triggered a thought for me: in a strange way, I see David and Saya as being very similar over the next few eps, for similar reasons, and I would argue that their'solution' is very similar as well.