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  • wow,so amazing

    I wish they would make 50 leaves you wanting to know what happens so bad :( I hope,even though it's 6 or 7 years later,that they will finally make was so amazing and I wanna see a continuation(:
  • Im so in love.

    This show came out long ago, and I had just watched it on Netflix because I remember my cousin telling me about it years ago, I watched a clip years ago with her and I didn't ever watch it. But when I saw it on Netflix I was drawn to watch it. Wow wow wow. One of the best anime I ever watched. Good theme music, story plot, bad ass characters. This show is so good. I watched it all in a matter of three days. I particularly love the ending, hagi lives! And he and saya confessed their true feelings, you can thank Kai for that lol. I think anyone could like this show not just us anime freaks :) but I'm ranting, I love this show. Hagi hagi hag. And i think the anime starts off in a good way, you don't learn everything all at once, but i love the cliffhangers. I really have no words to describe my feelings toward this show. I love hagis cello music lol. It creates intensity. Saya made me sometimes mad when she didn't fight directly, and people died because of it, but only because she was so in shock of it all. Kai was all in all worthless and got in the way a lot. Each show reviews more and more about her past, you can't miss one or you'll be lost, it's about action, romance, loss and overcoming the hardships and dealing with loss. But I'm sure enough a lot of others are just very glad hagi didn't die :) lol but that's it, I'm ranting a lot.
  • So Far So GOOOOOD

    I wasn't a fan of this show in the beginning. But, the more I watched the more I loved it. I haven't completed this anime yet but so far is been really great getting involve with the anime. It has good character development and story, so don't miss out if you like the blood, violence and action :D.
  • This is my new favorite show!

    This is one of the most amazing animes I've ever seen and my favorite show by far. Ever since I saw the first episode I've been hooked and can barely stand to wait a week for the next one. Every episode has the perfect balance of action and story. The plot is so unique and interesting. Each character has their own personality;no one is ever out of character. As I watched this show, it was like I felt a connection to each character, I felt happy and sad right along with them. I'll always love this show and will never get tired of watching it.
  • Although Blood+ could have been executed much better, the end result is a show that is utterly enjoyable and emotional at its core.

    Blood+ derives from the old 2000 anime movie premier, Blood: The Last Vampire. Even though The Last Vampire is where Blood+ got its roots for the entire basis of the show, it carries over very little of what the movie was, creating a very unique show with just a few faults that may turn some viewers away.

    Saya Otonashi is our protagonist of this story. Saya is an amnesiac and an anemia-infected school girl that lives a normal life with her adopted family who owns a small bar in Okinawa, Japan. Soon, Saya's life is drastically changed when she learns the importance of her blood and the existence of a secret species known as the chiropteran that threaten humanity. As Saya learns of her mysterious past, she and a large cast of others find a way to rid the world of chiropteran.

    When I say "large cast," that is by no means and overstatement. Many characters enter the show, either because of the central plot or because of the attachment of other characters. Blood+ does a good job of giving many key characters enough time on screen for the viewers to know and get an idea of their role in the overall show.

    Blood+'s characters are supported by the unique world and setting created in the showm, with a beautiful (and usually moving) soundtrack composed and stylized by Mark Mancina and Hans Zimmer. Classical pieces of music by famous musicians make their notice in the show as well. As the title implies, blood is the main idea in Blood+. Blood is very graphical and gives the show a sort of textural and natural feel to it. The graphical violence and great action sequences only help Blood+ in its atmospheric presentation as a whole.

    Blood+ takes a few sharp turns of emotions and plot throughout its two seasons. There is very little humor found in Blood+, and that could be a little awkward for some viewers who appreciate humor along with serious plots. Blood+ is a very sophisticated anime. Lacking the outstanding and noticeable traits that many animes carry, Blood+ is strictly here for beautiful presentation rather than comical relief. Most episodes consist of conversations, most of the time ending with a cliffhanger that forces you to anticipate the next episode. While Season 1 seems to drag on more, Season 2 is very guilty of making you wait until the next episode. Staying with Blood+'s plot is very important, and wanting to find out the end result of the show is what really drove me to finish the series, and I'm glad I did, because it ended much better than I could have hoped it would.

    Blood+ may not hold the attention span of many viewers because of its really slow start, but if you can find yourself to stick with Blood+, you will discover a very rewarding and emotional tale that, when it's all said and done, has you appreciating the show altogether, and leaves you beckoning for more.
  • If you liked the Blood: The last vampire movie then thisis right up your street.

    The shows follows Saya Otonashi who is high school girl with amnesia living in Okinawa. However, he peacful life is shattered when she discovers that she is in fact one of the last living vampire's and her blood is the only weapon against strange vampire like monsters called Chiropterans. As such she sets off to defeat them once and for all.

    This is a great show. It has some great fight sequences and some really interesting characters. In particular the relationship of Saya with her adoptive family - especially in later epsiodes when her memory returns is really compelling. The supporting cast are very well written and in my opinion one of the strongest elements of the show.

    This is a really brilliant show which more people should be watching.
  • Great showing pulling off a surprise turn around in storytelling that made the show a classic. Starting off slow and perhaps meandering for too long. We have Saya reluctant hero and denier of her true vampire nature. We

    Great showing pulling off a surprise turn around in storytelling that made the show a classic. Starting off slow and perhaps meandering for too long. We have Saya reluctant hero and denier of her true vampire nature. We suffer endlessly almost watching Saya lose fights and whine to no end. However in one of the greatest turnarounds in an anime series. Saya becomes the protagonist we all expect. Showing power and fighting ability with winning fights and still maintaining her girl next door appeal. Once established as a fighter Saya successfully morphs again. This time into a distant being coming down from Mt. Olympus to battle monsters and having no connection with human emotion. Thanks to a great supporting cast Saya does another turnaround and is brought back to humanity and the story is the better because of it. For some the show raised nurture vs nature questions but for me things were pretty cut and dry. Chiopeterans weren't absolved from evil status simply because they were born blood suckers and I don't think the show did that much for dualism on the subject either. This doesn't matter however if you want a well animated and thought out series this one is the ticket. I found it compelling and I still see the faces of the characters during emotional moments months after seeing it very good show.
  • Really great show only real downfall is that if you miss a few episodes you can be totally lost, but perfect amount of action and character development

    Really great show only real downfall is that if you miss a few episodes you can be totally lost, but perfect amount of action and character development, I mean all the characters are great and they weren't afraid to kill characters off, i hate how shows keep tons of characters and have them barely survive like 100 times and not one ever dies for any reason, this show is simply one of the best animes and i think it's unfair that people don't give it a chance because they want something more cartoony like naruto or bleach which half the time the storyline doesn't even make sense
  • Immense So far, only 5 episodes of the new show "Blood+" have been released, I've seen up to episode 4 and I must say that this is one incredible show!

    With a design that merges CGI and Hand drawn animation so seamlessly and a storyline that is more exciting than Buffy and more addictive than anything else I've ever seen (Except maybe Naruto) this is one immense show that is a definite tribute to the film.

    Originally, back in 2001, the creators of Ghost In The Shell decided to create a 6-episode OVA series about a vampiress who kills vampires. The first episode was made, being one of the first to blend CGI and hand animation so brilliant, and also becoming an instant success over here in the western world. However, the cost of the first episode was too much, and there wasn't enough money to support the 45 minute episodes, so the show was cancelled after the first ep. The first episode was then re-released onto DVD, simply entitled as "Blood: The Last Vampire" and took itself as a 45 minute film.

    But, with the success of DVD sales for the film, the company started up on the project again, this time creating a 52 episode series entitled "Blood+" which was created to give a bit more background to the series and also to add more characters and more story, allowing the original story to be developed even further than the original 6 episode plan could have done. The show is still just beginning, but it is already incredible, within the first 2 minutes of the first episode I was hooked. This show also does that evil technique of ending each episode with a cliff-hanger (Much like Naruto) and as each cliff-hanger is sooo exciting, you watch the next episode the following week to find out what happens.

    This show is still finding its ground, but thanks to the roaring success of the Film, the gorgeous action, interesting and believable characters (ignoring the fact 1 of them is a vampire...) and an attractive story, this TV show should become one of the great anime-classics such as Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin. I have a whole year until this show is completed, and I will watch as a devoted fan. I hope you all do too as this show is just INCREDIBLE!
  • Not bad... didn't enjoy this one thoroughly, because honestly there are better things to watch, but still it deserves more attention than normal.

    Blood+ follows the journey of Saya and her friends to defeat the chiropterans all over the world. The story is intriguing and compelling enough to keep you hooked onto this show long enough for your to recognize it's true potential. Animation was somehow "dated", though I'm not sure that term can be applied here. Recommend this show for anime fans of all genre, as there's plenty of action, emotion and drama in this show to keep everyone entertained. I was just hoping for a prettier female antagonist :D! The show has also gained a lot of praise for it's soundtrack. . .
  • A normal girls' life is shattered when she finds out who she really is and what she must do. But finding out she's not human is tough, and she has to decide what's important- family or protecting the world.

    The action it the show is just amazing, especially towards the end of the series. An epic battle between a school girl with a large katana and beasts who feed on human to the death. It's a life of death situation for the girl, Saya, as she fights intense enemies and faces the realism of battle and loss of a loved one to her personal war to protect mankinds existance from becoming vampire food. The drama in the series is just plain mind bending. While Saya fights the battle of choosing either being with her family or protecting the world, other characters go through their own personal hell. Kai must live knowing his father was killes by one of the beasts and knowing that his step-sister is really half of the monsters that murdered his dad. It's a great show, filled with action and drama around every corner. It's a must watch for everyone who loves horrorific-bloody-action shows. The only downfall is that the early episodes have a lot of talking, and not much action. That might make viewers give up on watching the series. But that's just my opinion.
  • The last episode of Blood+ *spoilers*

    Okay, I'm sorry that I didn't watch the WHOLE series, but I did see the last few episodes, and I have to say I hated the last episode.

    I mean it was sweet of her to not kill the other..whatever they're called like herself, and let them grow and prosper, but...

    *spoilers* 1. Her guardian killed himself to save her.
    2. She dies!

    I'm sorry, but I felt awful that she'd kill herself, when it said "End" I was like "WHAT THE HELL"..I don't think Saya should've died...

    *end spoilers*

    So that was my problem with the last episode, all in all from what I saw it was a good series, but it wasn't worth it for the ending. People criticize me, I don't care, I'll probably never sign on to check the harassment you may say to me because of this. But like my topic "WHY DID I WATCH THAT?" That depressed me so badly and it wasn't worth it.


    P.S. If there is some secret happiness that she died, then I really don't get it. Sorry. I liked the show, I hated the ending. That's all I can say.
  • One of the best shows I have ever seen. Everything is packed into this show.

    Having recently just finished the dub, I was completely satisfied by the series' beginning, middle, and end without being let down or left with disappointment. This show has excellent writing, dramatic dubbing, and a plot that can keep it up to snuff with any other anime. The characters are also classic and cannot be forgotten.

    When I first started watching this, I was curious and puzzled about where this show would go, as it wasn't really picking the plot up until about episode 11 or so, and even then, things were confusing, we were not given a lot of information, and some episodes were merely storyline episodes with no action. But unlike the hordes of viewers are simply all about the characters kicking the snot out of each other, I'm perfectly game for an anime where characters sit around and talk about the complicated backstory. (After all, the government episodes of Ghost in the Shell: SAC are my favorite.) But the action was something that also drew me to it. After being subjected to anime- even on Adult Swim- that seemed to be cut back a bit (with the exception of Trinity Blood), all of the dramatic fighting and gore that played a huge toll on Saya and her team was there and had an effect on me.

    The middle of the show (15-33) was just as satisifing when Saya and the Red Shield were travelling and encountering all sorts of dangers. The show never let up on the action and backstory, and the middle of the show was the part that really got me hooked and had to have more. And the final chapter (39-50) was not as bloody as the beginning or the middle, and I see nothing wrong with that. We needed more talking and drama-- so many storylines that needed to be ended, and characters went through revelations. I felt that the epilogue was satisfing and not a mediocre fanfic. I realize that I'm in the minority here, but every episode of this show was just as good as the next. The strugglse between Saya and Diva, David and Kai, Amshel and everybody else, Carl and.. well, Carl were all enthralling. And the musical score of the show was good as well.
  • The struggle between good and evil takes on a mythical, if not psychological, slant.

    Two teenaged sisters share a terrible secret: they were developed by their "father" to be monstrous, vampire-like creatures. One of the girls, Saya, is treated like a princess, while the other, Diva, is shuttered away from all human contact. Not surprisingly, the princess becomes an avenging angel of sorts, ridding the world of similar creatures, while the cloistered sister becomes evil incarnate, a destroyer of humans.

    Without going into too much detail, suffice it to say that, in the goth-like series, good eventually triumphs over evil, but what takes place before then is the growth of the "princess", as she re-discovers herself and her adopted family, who accepts her, even after finding out her secret.

    Each episode reveals new clues to both girls' past, as well as hints toward their separate destinies. We are also shown peripheral characters, who, directly or indirectly, affect the girls in yet unseen ways, and, of whom, are affected by the girls; some for the better, even in death, some not.

    What could have been a typical and mundane battle of good versus evil, becomes a great adventure, even if the last third of the series becomes bogged down in needlessly repetitive details, which is the only reason I didn't give it an 8 or so rating.

    Definitely not for children under 13 (the series name should have already been a big clue about that!), but worth it for teens and adults.
  • Blood+ is a fairly unheard of anime (probably due to the fact that it airs late at night on Adult Swim and it was an anime before it became a manga), but it is truly a spectacular work.

    Anyone who likes science fiction, fantasy, historical ficiton, drama, or action/adventure should definitly take a look at this show. If you were into X-Men or any other show based on comic-book style graphic novels, you'll definitly appreciate Blood+. Far from its stereotypical anime counterparts, Blood+ is very deep, full of action, not to mention a very matured violent series. So, be prepared for that if you're not so big on gore and overbearing language. I mean, after all, it -is- called Blood+. The english voice acting is absolutely spectacular, the music is beautiful and inspiring (composed by Hans Zimmer, who worked on the Lion King), the animation is smooth, exciting, and the plot is complex and luring. You can't NOT watch just one episode! It's an anime that I've been waiting for for a long time, the ideal show for anyone who isn't big on the "limited animation" characteristics that many other anime tend to have. It's definitly a show worth watching at least once!
  • Really neat show!

    A show about a girl who fights monsters... sounds kind of unoriginal, no? Well, it is original. It is good. And it rocks!

    The story in this show is really, really great. From the first episode to the last, the story moves ahead at a perfect, steady pace, with periods of intense action, and periods with calmness and peace.

    The animation is really great too; and I really like the way they did it in this one. It's really cool, and the colors and art is so nice, and it's very realistic, which I like a lot.

    The show has some nice OP and ED themes, and I must say that I enjoy the background music as well. It's really moody, and that's the whole point of it. Job well done!

    The characters are portrayed in a really realistic and great way, and I really like how they all have their struggles. be it the Sif, Saya or anyone else, they all have their own struggles, and their personalities are really lifelike. I like that a lot, so kudos to that.

    I enjoyed watching this show both the first and second time I watched it, and I probably would enjoy watching it over yet another time.

    If you enjoy an anime with realistic characters which are deep as a well, and some good action, this is the show for you! Oh, and there's slight bits of romance as well.
  • what a great anime, I hope the new series come fast. I was really sad when it ended:(

    This anime won't make you like it from the first, but you will surely find it intriguing...that only if you try to like it at least:P

    So Blood+ is great for it's story first of all, then there are the cool looking characters with their own mystery, and there are also fighting scenes.

    As a beginning I'll say Blood+ is about a girl that is very skilled at sports, but strange things start to happen, like some alien species come out of nowhere and attack inocent people. She soon discovers that her blood can kill these beasts and starts to remember she puts the question who she is. She will find out that she has a sister, and that the aliens called chiroptera came are her minions. The story is far to great so I won't desintegrate it for the ones who haven't seen the anime yet. So my first 5 personal favorites in this anime are Diva, Moses, Irene, Solomon, Saya. Maybe you will tell me who yours are:)

    And my favorite lovers are:
    KaiXIrene :DDDDD

    Okay have a nice day to day:D Nankurunaisa:P

    P.S. and I wanted to add that everything about this show is so well put togheter that you can say it's real:) I love that scene when Okamura goes to the hospital to ask some questions and while he was talking if you pay close atention you will see that two friends of Kai passing so you could understand what Mao's bodyguard did to them:D and there are more stuffs likewise:)
  • Blood+ is a great action show, but it can get lost in some bad cliches. (And I give this an 8 instead of 5; my score isn't changing).

    Blood+ is a decent anime. It's an outstanding action show, and it's Japanese voice acting is very good. However, the writing can sometimes feel a little cliche and the English dub suffers from a few really bad actors.

    I'll start with the good. Blood+ is a wonderful action show. There are quite a few intense fights between Saya and the Chiropterans, and these battles can range from quick skirmishes to full blown fight-for-your-life battles. Blood+ is also very graphic with these battles, and that works very well. There's quite a bit of blood, and this show isn't for the squeamish.

    There's also some very interesting backstory concerning Saya, Diva, and the Chiropterans. This is often a driving force behind episodes, and these episodes are really propelled by the excellent backstory and good writing.

    There are also some individual episodes that are simply stunning. There is an episode about midway through the series where a pretty significant character dies. Saya tries to save this person, but fails. This episode (which will go unnamed to avoid spoilers) is one of the best I've ever seen in an anime. It horrifically creates the death and wonderfully shows us the gradual deterioration of Saya's self-esteem as she falls into depression. The final battle between Saya and Carl is wonderfully done, with tons of action and guts and gore, just the way Blood+ is supposed to be. And the final episodes, from 48 to 50 are simply stunning with their amazing action and their shocking story.

    The seiyuu for Blood+ are also excellent, and this is one case where the original Japanese definitely trumps the dub. In the dub, most of the actors are good, but Kai's voice is painfully grating, like a whiny teenager. I honestly can't stand whenever Kai is speaking in the dub. It just feels awful.

    Also concerning Kai, his writing can be pretty lackluster. He seems to be portrayed as a whiny teenage brat throughout the entire first half of the series who breaks a promise he makes to Saya that she would always be family. By the time we reach the end of the series, where he's kind of changed, it's a little too late for me to start liking him. He starts as an annoying teenage brat and ends as an annoying idiot.

    The side characters are mostly well written, but a few could use some work. All of the characters from Red Shield, like David, Lewis, Julia, and Joel, are very good. They're well written and they're well acted. However, Mao Jahana can get kind of annoying and Okamura seems to be there just to take up space. He and Mao don't really do anything; they're just there.

    The show is also sometimes plagued by painfully cliched writing. They are a big problem with the show. The episode where George died should have been one of the best of the series. Instead, it was one of the worst. The writing was absolutely horrific, and I don't think it could have gotten any worse. The final Vietnam episode had stunning action and great fight scenes, but every scene with Kai and Riku was so badly written that I wanted to take the episode and edit them out.

    Overall, Blood+ is a decent show the just needs some fine tuning. I certainly recommend the Japanese subtitled version over the English dub, and you'll have to forgive the times when the writing gets painful. It's got amazing action and some great main characters (Saya and Haji). Overall, the benefits outweigh the risks. If you can sit through a couple of painful episodes, then you'll enjoy Blood+.
  • Blood+

    Blood+ does not follow the same storyline as the movie however, opting instead to introduce new characters. There are familiar ties, such as the setting, which remains the same albeit several decades in the future. The main character in Blood+ shares the same name, Saya, as the character in the movie but their demeanor could not be any more different. Whether they share some sort of connection is unknown at this point, but the opening sequence of Blood+ does not try to hide the fact that Saya has a dark past. Blood+ is arguably the most anticipated show of the fall season, and for good reason. The opening sequence is riveting and draws the viewer in. The action sequences are top of the line and the animation is beautiful, but more than anything, the show knows how to be suspenseful. The pacing keeps the story interesting with what is really a minimal amount of action and character development. Instead, Blood+ relies on not-so-subtle hints to explain charactersâ?? backgrounds. This creates a mysterious mood about the show that will keep you thinking ahead. Some might say it makes the show predictable as the story unfolds itself, but it is still enjoyable. Perhaps the only problem is that there never is any doubt as to what Saya is. Blood+ does not go to great lengths to hide Sayaâ??s connection with the Chiropterans and Red Shield. The biggest concern is at 52 episodes, Blood+ might fall into the formulaic monster-of-the-week routine where Saya hunts Chiropterans and learns a little bit about herself in the process.That aside, there really are no glaring flaws that detract from the show as a whole. The music is just average, which means you probably wonâ??t even notice it. Hitomi Takahashi, who sang the opening theme to Gundam Seed Destiny, provides a fairly good opening piece here as well. Jun'ichi Fujisaku, who worked on the original Blood movie and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, takes his first crack at directing. Production I.G does a good job not clubbing the viewer over the head with the CG, opting instead for a more subtle approach. The result is vivid backgrounds that are full of motion and nothing glaringly synthetic. Overall, Blood+ has the makings of one of the most enjoyable shows of the season and with 52 episodes scheduled, fans of the movie will finally get the fleshed out story they wished for.
  • My review on Blood+, a very very VERY good show, please read this review for my complete thoughts.

    This show is the best ever. I have never seen such a beautiful anime in my entire life. The plot is amazing, the characters are lovable, and overall, the show is addicting!! I just can't get enough of Blood+!! It has a little something in it for everyone, romance, fantasy, violence, a dark plot, it's perfect! The music is also very lovely, it's easy to fall in love with Diva's Song, plus all the other wonderful music involved with Blood+.
    If you're going to watch an anime, make it Blood+, there's nothing better!
    Everyone I've had watch it has loved it, it's the most amazing anime, no, the most amazing show ever!
  • A person who posted the review below mine said this show has to end. It made me kinda mad because this anime is dang awesome!!!!!!!

    A lot of villains exist in this show, which is why this anime is so awesome. So much blood, action, drama and suspense, I enjoy it too much. Also, the story originated a very long time ago, so it means that this anime's story is very well-developed, and also dang cool.

    I always thought Death Note would always be my forever best anime ever watched, but after seeing Blood+, Blood+ became my Number One fave show to ever rock this planet!!! w00t!!

    At the first few parts, it didn't have too much action, but in Season 2 more action came, more villains, more answers which lead to more question.

    I love this anime so much, no words can describe it.
  • Princess Monoke VS Blood: The last vampire

    I only saw Blood: The Last Vampire but it was sick. I really liked it and i agree that it should be one of the best movies in anime history. But i was struggling at the movie store on which movie to rent, because there was also Princess Monoke there, and i didnt know which one to pick since in my anime magazine Princess Monoke was listed 25 in the top 50 anime. but i didnt even know that it led up to blood+ even though the girls name was saya. Overall it was really good and i am glad i rented that one.
  • A girl named Saya and A guy Named Haji fight in a war with there Friends and family to stop the threat of the cirupterents,the chevaliers and Saya's sister,Diva.

    This Show is the greatest show I have ever seen!From the epic storyline to the radical characters,each cliffhanging episode to each heartfelt moment.This is by far the best show i have ever seen.Blood+ is definitely an awesome show!

    I must say that the first time i watched this show,I thought it was okay.But every episode made me LOVE the show more and more.The further the show got into the storyline,the more I got into it.The most heartfelt and saddest episode I was "Boy meets a girl".Ever since that episode,I hated Diva.Riku was a young boy who was very kind and nice,but then Diva had to force Riku down and then she had to kill him!I swear,the first time i saw that episode,I thought,"any show that made an event soooooooo sad like that,Is a great show"!And every opening and closing theme song went very well with where the story was at.The characters also put a huge WOOOOOOOOW element into the storyline. Saya is always thinking that she is the only one who is there to fight in the battles,but she didn't notice that Haji was always there for her and would protect her even if he would die.Like when Saya was going to get the Lilies that the early Joel liked,and so that Saya wouldn't be put in harms way,Haji got the lilies even if he knew he could fall and die.Now that is true love.He even accepted Saya when he learned that she was not normal.Kai even wanted Saya to know that even if he couldn't be super powerful like a chevalier and he couldn't really harm cirupterents that he would always stay by her side.Many other people also vowed to stay by Saya's side ,like David,Julia,Lewis,Joel the 6th,George(Saya's Dad in the beggining)Riku,Kaori(am not sure but i think so)The Schiff,Solomon, and all of the Red Shield!All of them vowed to protect Saya and at the end,through them,she was able to survive.This story wouldnt be itself if there was no love involved.With Solomon being in love with Saya, Mao in love with Kai and maybe Kai in love with Mao,And Julia in love with David(i think)and David in love with Julia,this show has its Fair share of its love triangles.This Show combines every aspect of a good show and all the elements of every kind of show like Romance,Action,Scary,and many more.This I must say is the best show of all TIME!
  • This series give the animated film: "Blood: The Last Vampire" the justice that it deserves!

    I have to say, I've been following this show since it premiered on Adult Swim in March 2007 and I have to say that I've been impressed so far. Now we see an adult version of Saya as she continues on with her quest to destroy her evil half, Diva, and to rid the world of Chiropterans. This show has depth and surprising enough, with 50 episodes, I believe it will keep audience viewers anxious to see the final battle between the two sisters. The downside is that there are some filler episodes that the viewers can do without, considering that it drags the series somewhat. However, keep in mind that we are seeing the internal conflicts of each groups involved in this show: Saya's friends and family, the Red Shield, the Goldsmiths, and the Schiffs. Much of the interaction of these groups are based on the good versus the bad folks storyline, yet regardless of who they are, their flaws are apparent. Don't sleep on this one, guys! This is definitely a must-see show!
  • A high school senior named Saya Otonashi is attacked one day. The series of events that occurred afterwards are nothing less than absolute tv history. A perfect 10 and absolutely fabulous can't even scratch the surface of how great this show really is.

    As mentioned above, this show is perfectly great in every way. From each cliffhanger ending, to every opening theme, this show keeps me on edge. It seamlessly combines sci fi, action,drama, adventure, romance, horror, and comedy. The setting is all across the world, Russia, Japan, Vietnam. I could go on for hours about how sweet this show is, but the real greatness fthis series is it's flavorful characters. The unbalanced Saya, the silent, loving, Hagi, the poor, crazy Dva. Indeed and for a fact, Blood+ is the single greatest anime in existence. This show is an absolute must see for fans.
  • Loved this shooooow!!!! *Spoiler* for those who havent watched the full series..

    ok so i really liked this show saya and haji are awesome though i hate that saya went to sleep and then all we knew about haji was that he left his blue hair ribbon on her grave after we assumed he was dead after the last battle and the bombs being dropped.. though over all this was a fast paced series that kept u and yor feet and tugged at your heart strings everytime some one died.. it knew how to reach ur emotional core and pull u right into the series.. in the end u cared about all the characters and not just the main ones..
  • The show is pretty good sorta hard to follow at times but i like it.

    The show is pretty good sorta hard to follow at times but i like it. Why do i have to type a hundred words thats all i had to say right there its hard to follow sometimes god dude this is really pissing me of a aaaaaa a a a a a a a a a a aa a a aa a a a a a a a a a a ii ii ii i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i i ii i i i i ii i i
  • A girl named Saya is with this man named Hadji and they battle against the Karopterans (Forgot how to spell it) and they team up with this family to help retrieve Saya's memories.

    This show is very good another thing about this show's plot: Saya has a evil sister named Diva who enjoys killing so Saya must deafet her. This show I enjoy watching on adult swim every saturday night without my dad noticing im watching it. This show was based off the movie Blood: The last Vampire and became a show. What I really like about this show is the animation I even like Saya and Hadji this show has such amazing action in it what is a shame is that it ended in Japan last year and will next year in America. I finally got to review this show which I am happy because I like this show.
  • Among my nightly (or weekly) obsessions, a new addition has arrived, and it's name is Blood +

    Alreadly a nightly viewer of [Adult Swim], Blood + intrigued me from the very first episode, and since then I have tuned in every Saturday night/ Sunday morning as Saya's past has slowly been unveiled to us. I'm hooked. I've always been a fan of the action genre of anime, but this one is more special to me because the main character is a fellow girl. I've always wanted to see a strong, female lead Unlike Usagi from Sailor Moon or Kagome from InuYasha (although I still love Kagome), Saya is a brave girl to seek out secrets and memories that might potential destroy everything she believes in. I cannot wait for the conclusion of this one, and I'm looking forwarding to see the movie that it is based on.
  • This show has a lot of potential and it rocks!

    Blood Plus is the sequel to Blood: The Last Vampire. Both contain an interesting main character, which is a girl named Saya, who has a certain destiny that she must face: defeating creatures that live like vampires and protect humans, despite the fact that she's one of the creatures herself.
    But her true destiny, I believe, that no matter what she is, she must defeat her sister, Diva.
    But the real reason why I gave this particular show a good grade is because it shows people can do amazing things in life. It's sad but very good for the fans! Awesome!
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