Blood+ - Season 3

Adult Swim (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Showdown Island
    Episode 13
    Following Solomon's information, Saya and Hagi, the Schiff, and the remaining members of the Red Sheild head to Christina Island. Upon arriving the Schiff go off on their own and run into a large group of the Corpse Corps. Elsewhere Saya and the others run into James who has been waiting on them. As the battle begins, it seems as if nothing can break through James' armor. Kai comes up with a plan, but he will need the help of Hagi. Can this plan really help them defeat James?moreless
  • 12/16/07
    Carl decides that he is the one to kill Saya and steals some of the Corpse Corps to go after Saya himself. Meanwhile Kai invites Saya to Javier's birthday party. Saya agrees to go and after the party that night, Carl attacks. As the battle begins the remaining Schiff arrive to assist Saya and Hagi, while Kai and David try to take one or two out themselves. Now it is Saya versus Carl in a one on one battle. Can she finally kill him?moreless
  • Mismatched Feelings
    Episode 11
    Carl is furious about not being the one to kill Saya. No matter how much he argues with Amshell, Amshell refuses to let him go after Saya. Meanwhile, Saya and Hagi confront James, Nathan, and Diva at the Opera House. Will Saya and Hagi be able to defeat James and Nathan and kill Diva?moreless
  • 12/2/07
    Still wondering why Diva is using Riku's face, Saya and Hagi take shelter in a church. Elsewhere, the Schiff have seen the same thing as Saya and are pondering their next move. Before they know it, they are surrounded by the Corpse Corps and attacked. Though they do their best, they are easily defeated. Is this the end of the Schiff?moreless
  • 11/25/07
    Saya has returned and her year long absence wasn’t wasted. She easily kills 2 Chiropterans, but collapses shortly after. Kai and Lewis take her back to Gray’s to rest up. After being around her for a short period, Kai realizes this is not the Saya he once knew. What happened to Saya over her year long absence?moreless
  • Power of Believing
    Episode 8
    It has been 1 year since the fall of the Red Shield. Even though the Red Shield has fallen, it doesn't mean that all it's surviving members have stopped fighting Diva. Kai and Lewis are now fighting Chiropterans in London. Even though Saya hasn't been seen in a year Kai believes that she is still alive and continues his fight in hopes of seeing her again. Is Saya still alive?moreless
  • Boy Meets A Girl
    Episode 7
    Diva and Carl have invaded Red Shield HQ. Diva leaves Carl to take care of things while she goes to search for Riku. Saya will have none of it as she leaves Hagi to fight Carl while she goes to find Diva. Meanwhile Kai and Riku are running through the ship to get away from Diva, but it is useless since Diva can hear Riku's heart beat. Is this the end of the line for Kai and Riku?moreless
  • Breaking Shield
    Episode 6
    While Saya and the others shop, Julia and Collins meet with Van Argeno. To make matters worse, Collins has told Van where Red Shield HQ is. At the same moment Diva decides she wants to see Riku and makes Carl take her to him. Now the battle is on again and Saya must give it her all to keep Diva away from Riku. Could this be the end of the Red Shield and will Saya be able to protect Riku?moreless
  • Joel's Diary
    Episode 5
    As Saya continues to stew, Kai tells her he knows what she is. He then suggests she read Joel's Diary. After reading the diary Saya finds out the past of the Zoo. Will this help her in her fight against Diva?
  • Cursed Blood
    Episode 4
    Saya gives Irene some of her blood, but it doesn't stop the crystallization process. Karman attacks Saya, but Hagi and Moses stop him. Moses tells everyone the Schiff's new mission. To take revenge on the source of their cursed blood, Diva. Does this mean an alliance between the Schiff and Saya?moreless
  • Limited Existence
    Episode 3
    As Irene shows signs of dying, the Schiff prepare to execute their attack on Red Shield HQ. Meanwhile, Julia finds D-factor. D-factor seems to be the secret of the Chiropteran blood. Mao and Okamura find Saya's hideout and try to sneak in, but are caught by Lewis. David says he will send them back to Japan.moreless
  • Paris, Jet'Aime
    Episode 2
    Kai finds out that Riku is now a chevalier. He wanders around Paris wonder what he can do, when he meets Irene on the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower.
  • 9/23/07
    Riku finally awakes from his coma, making everyone happy. Although he may be alive and well, Riku feels different from before. Kai becomes frustrated about not being able to help his younger brother. Meanwhile the Schiff close in on Red Shield HQ. Now they can easily get to Saya, now that the Red Shield HQ is docked in Marseilles, France.moreless
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