Season 3 Episode 13

Showdown Island

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Dec 23, 2007 on Adult Swim

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  • Following Solomon's intel, Saya and Hagi plan to ambush Diva. The Red Shield and Shif are waiting to help. Saya intially refused help, but Kai won't allow Saya to go it alone. But the hunters are the hunted, James sets the trap. Will Saya fall prey?

    Great episode. Decent dialogue. The combat was choriographed well too. Less subtext than usual. But I thought that this ep was greater than the sum of its parts. Saya still wants to shield everybody else, but no woman is an island - as the saying goes. Strangely enough, Mao seems to have a grasp on that concept better than Saya, though she has very little grasp of anything else. Though we can only speculate why Saya took the Red Shield up on thier offer, I think it was an extrapolation of the previous episode. The dual trap that Amshel laid for Saya and Solomon was as transparent as nuetragena. Frankly, I am a little disappointed that Solomon didn't see through it. Even David and Kai recognized the likelihood of a trap anddecided to face the risk. But when Solomon saw Diva with Amshel he appeared to be genuinly supprized. James, in a way, was correct about both strategy and tactics...of course, he is a military man, so one would expect a more sophisticated understanding to combined arms doctrine. So, attacking without thought, mindfulness, or wisdom leads one to defeat, to roughly quote the Sun Zu. So as the Shiff run off to assert their own priorities and sentements, Saya is left with Hagi, Kai, David, and Lewis to battle James...and David, Kai, and Lewis could do no more than provide a distraction...of course, in the end, a distraction was all that was needed. What does suprise me is that Kai came up with the whole chronology of tactical manouvers in just a few moments and was able to lead Hagi and the Shiff to exicute the plan flawlessly. Wow, when did Kai get the skills? In the end, it was momentarily touching of Solomon to say something like "what would you say if I told you I had fallen in love with you?" Hagi steps infront of Saya...perhaps a little too jealous...perhaps reasonably cautious. It is hard to specifically identify Hagi's thoughts and feelings. My take on Solomon is that he is starting to turn the corner, so to speak. Perhaps he is exploring his feelings, wondering what they really are. To love Saya means to love her as she is and not as you want her to be.
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