Season 4 Episode 4

Soprano of Miracles

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Jan 27, 2008 on Adult Swim

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  • This is a very busy episode. Diva wants Kai, Kai declines. Mao and Okamura get center stage to Diva's aria - Chiropterans run amuck. Collins shoots Julia, David takes the bullet. Amshel overcomes Saya. Solomon rescues Saya, takes her off into the night.

    I thought this episode was very entertaining. There were some great dead-pan lines throughout - my favorite being when Diva said 'Everyone seems to be so crazy for nausiating." I had to crack-up too when Nathan said was restraining Hagi from behaind and said something like 'We have to stop meeting like this....or should we??" I thought that this ep was slightly disjointed, but I would give it a 9.2 on the obligatory rating scale. I enjoyed Kai's defiance in the face of Diva. Kai has certainly grown a pair since being the scrawny kid with no direction at the beginning of the series to the man who could stair down death - in both Amshel and Diva - without flinching. And foolish is a man in love?!? Strangely enough, I did think that was very touching. What will Julia do now? The episode does end on a bit of a down note, I though. Saya, kidnapped by Solomon...Hagi leaves Kai alone, left to wonder what to do next. Many questions are left unanswered...Will David live? What will Julia do??? Will Saya escape from the clutches of Solomon? I'm already waiting for the next episode.