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Season 1 Episode 3

The Place Where It All Began

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Mar 25, 2007 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

The Place Where It All Began
David has given George a deadline to hand over Saya back to the Red Shield. George takes Saya to his family grave to show what exactly happened to her one year ago.

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  • George is given a deadline to return Saya. We learn a little bit more about her origins. But only a little bit.

    David has given George a deadline to return Saya. Presumably she will continue to kill chiropterans. Before Saya leaves, George takes her to the place where her time with the Miyagusukus started: the family grave. Somehow, this seemed really appropriate.

    Apparently George was told to look after Saya as she slept. Yes, apparently she slept for almost thirty years. Her existence even stopped him from killing himself. After the nice touchy-feely moment, the action starts up again. The guy in the telephone booth from the last episode was a guy named Forrest who apparently knew George from their time in Vietnam. It turns out Forrest is a chiropteran (no surprise there, really), and he attacks the family that night. George is grievously wounded, if not killed.

    I never thought of this before, but of course it makes perfect sense that the cellist's case can double as a shield. It's interesting how he's just kind of stalking Saya now. In a good way, though. Whenever she needs help he's always there to save her butt.

    Which it seems to be needing very often.moreless
  • Nice!

    So, in this episode, David ends up giving George a deadline to tell Saya what had happened to her that day one year ago when she got into the family, and he does so... eventually

    Also, there are no traces of the battle Saya had at the school earlier... at all, which I find very strange. Also, this dude named Forest, who is a regular at George's place, turns out to be a Chiropteran, and he attacks Saya and her family. Saya is about to fight it, but then George does it instead, grabbing her sword and attacking, without succeeding, and he gets severely hurt.

    Cool episode. 8.3/10moreless
  • More of Saya's past and the origin of the Chiropteran is revealed.

    Thankfully, Blood+ does not drag out revealing how Saya became adopted by George. It's only episode three and we get some clear answers. After David gives George an ultimatum to tell Saya the truth by sunset, he takes her to the tomb from which she rose. There he reveals how and why they are connected. I was disappointed by how unnaturally calm Saya was about learning she slept in a tomb for years. Shouldn't she be asking what she is? We also see an old military buddy of George's, "whiny Forrest" -- the hooded man who killed the puppy last episode. Forrest makes it to the family business and transforms in a Chiropteran in front of David and the family. David shoots the monster and we see it heal almost instantly. This confirms that only the power in Saya's blood can defeat the Chiropteran. It's a painful moment to watch when Saya hesitates to use her power and the monster slices through her father's guts. This show does not pull any punches in it's graphic exploration of the supernatural.moreless
  • part of Saya's past is revealed.

    Saya is still all depressed about the stuff with the chiropteran.The red shield gives George a deadline to hand Saya back to them.Out of options,takes Saya to the place where they started.There,he reveals how he had come to Okinawa after serving in Vietnam,how he had lost his wife and daughter,how he had wanted to kill himself but had been inspired by her sleeping self to live life to the fullest.He then tells her how he had adopted Kai and Riku,both of whom had lost their parents,how Saya had woken a year ago and burst out of a cocoon.It is also revealed that Saya's blood is the only thing capable of killing even a single chiropteran.Shortly afterwards,a chiropteran attacks George's shop and,because Saya hesitates to fight it,George is seriously injured protecting her.Overall,this episode was better than the last one and also reveals why Saya has no memories of what happened a year ago.The Red Shield is also formally introduced.moreless
  • The most blood I've seen outside of "Fullmetal Alchemist"

    It's very early days for me and that is why I've only rated it "good" right now. The animation is really different, less anime-y than usual; ie; the characters have normal-sized eyes. I'm still trying to figure out things here, but it seems the usual "mysterious-screwing-around-with-people's-lives" set-up. Versus an innocent Japanese schoolgirl who is awakening to her potential, but not in the usual romantic/sexual way, while aided by a mysterious figure who plays a mean cello with a seriously weird hand.

    This series is going for a really intense maturity level and as such might not be suitable for the usual AS audience of teenagers. It has the potential to be in my top ten anime, but only time will tell if the back stories which will be told live up to this first episode.moreless
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