Season 3 Episode 1

Those Who Serve Saya

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Sep 23, 2007 on Adult Swim

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  • Riku recovers from a coma. Already, his body and feelings start to change as Saya's blood takes effect. Kai still reeling from everything is struggling to understand it all. Saya can't face the fact that while she saved Riku's life, he if forever changed.

    I thought this was a great episode! I'd give it a 9.4 on the obligatory rating scale. I thought that there was a good balance between the late action/combat and the character development and dialogue. The dialogue between Saya and Hagi was particularly poignant. Poor Kai, his world is collapsing around him. He wants to much to be the man of the family, but Riku now feels the 'pull' of new, unexplainable feelings. He is not physically bound to Saya and not the child he was just a few days before. I had a little problem with suspended disbelief at the end when the Shif retreat when Riku is revealed as a chavalier; but one would think logically that Riku wasn't yet up to fighting specs. Although, one could tell that now Saya is; she is starting to fight at a champ and not has a chump. As soon has Saya was in trouble with that one Shif, Riku jumps on his leg like a Mississippi leg hound - after all, Riku now has a new duty. I couldn't quite tell how many Shif were put down for the dirt nap. The first time through, I thought it was two. However, early in the fight, Saya appearsto cut one guy's head in half and his body begins to fall in two pieces. However, it looked like the same shif was there at the end. Anyway, just some random thoughts. The real persona of Dr. Collins is forshadowed, the bastard.
  • I never thought I'd leave a review for any of these episodes. or even the show for that matter. Not saying anything bad. This is a really great show, my favorite anime ever. I'm SO GLAD I told my sister to let me watch one of the episodes.

    Continueing from above. I'm so glad I told my sister to let me watch an episode or I wouldn't be doing this.

    This episode. One of the most saddest I have ever seen. I've cried on the last few because poor Riku being attacked and now not knowing what he is and then poor Kai being stuck as basically the only normal one in the family. I was hurt when Haji told Kai to let Saya decide what Riku does. and then every time Riku got up to go see Saya I was a bit angry but that a Chevaliers job.

    and then when it came to the part for his thirst of blood, the minute Kai ripped his shirt open I gasped and let the tears fall. Just seeing Kai break down from losing his brother to Diva and then having Riku drink from him. I cried and cried. You know it's a good, a good show when it gives you tears.

    My fav episode and I will always remember it. Go creator of Blood Plus and go this episode!!