Season 3 Episode 12

To The Sheer Level of Madness

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Dec 16, 2007 on Adult Swim

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  • Monique invites Saya to Javier's birthday party. Karl and the Corpse Corps follow Saya to Gley's home and they crash the party. The shiff arive to help out Saya and Hagi, David and Kai get their guns off. Solomon arives at the last moment to save Saya.

    This ep was fantastic. Give it a 10. Great storyline, great dialogue, great combat sequence. During the previous several eps we have discussed the new, unballanced, emo Saya. Has she begun the long, hard journy home? And home is where the heart is. Kai has talked about wanting to protect Saya in previous episodes, how he felt insignificant in the events arround him. I, however, think that Kai has been an unwaveringly supportive. This episode highlights this part of their relationship as well as any other. I think back to the Jungle Paradise ep, where Saya is lost in the blood rage, and it is Kai's voice that brings her back. In this ep, their talk in the kitchen has a similar effect. My question is this: without Kai, does Saya remember her feelings, remember George and Riku instead of just their lost? We know that Saya canfeel grief, shehas for a year, but perhaps she remembers how to feel love. The birthday party for Javier was a nice touch...she is so afraid of Saya when she come in, but as soon as Saya gives her the teddy bear, Javier is all happy and tugging on Saya's hand to stay.

    Kai, David, and the Shiff are again fighting along side Saya and Hagi. That was a multisystemic combat scene...everybody doing their part...except, wasn't Lewis hiding in the house? Poor Karl. So consumed by his emptiness. I belive that Solomon was right; Karl had nothingness was all that spurned him on. Solomon was right as much as Karl was alone, Saya was not. Now, don't get me wrong, it was Cool that he saved Saya...but Solomon is still a spelunker. I do not believe that Solomon saved Saya for her sake, but for his own. But I am starting to feel bad for poor Solomon, perhaps in time he will come to understand Saya the way he claims to.