Season 4 Episode 7

Turn the Palm of Your Hand Toward the Sun

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Feb 17, 2008 on Adult Swim

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  • The shiff subplot is wrapped up. James convinces Moses that he can save the shiff, but only if Moses agrees to kill Kai. Kai fights for his life, he is able to defeat Moses. Karman has a revelation, Moses and Karman chose to die rather than kill Kai.

    Just like the previous episode, this one was pretty good. I'd give it an 9.0 on the obligatory rating system. However, put this one together with Into the Light, then I'd rate the combined episodes as a 9.4...greater than the individual sums. Good subplot dialogue, sad plot twist, and interesting subtext. In fact, the subtext from Moses and Karman seem to be contradictory - do anything for family vs honor over dishonor. A tricky moral connundrum is proposed. It's sad to see Moses and Karman die. I wasn't entirely sure what Moses ment when he told Kai that his skin would slowly burn until night. Was Moses already doomed by his exposure to the sun? The first time I watched this ep, I had thought that Moses died so that Karman would not have to die alone. Now, with the English dub, I am not sure if that is clear. Perhaps I am just splitting hairs, as either way, Moses makes a sacrafice to honor his friend as Karman dies. In the end, it was pretty foolish of Moses to believe anything that James would tell him, but I guess when one is desperate, then grasping at straws begins to mak sense. In any case, the shiff are all but wrapped up. Poor Lulu is all alone. What role will she play in the up coming episodes? Perhaps Nathan is correct, that James is losing it. Rejected by Diva, Jame's world, his raison d'etre, is shattered. One would think that would be reason enough for trauma onset mental illness. Part of me has to think that James is targetting Kai to some how punish Diva. Clearly Diva didn't sent James on this little shiff subterfuge mission to kill Kai. Kai keeps kicking butt with his mad skills. He's able to dodge a few blows from lightning-fast Moses; then the quick thinking to shoot off Moses' hood to expose him to the sun. I thought that it was very merciful of Kai to pull Moses out of the sun and use his shirt to shield Moses from the Sun.