Season 4 Episode 11

Two Queens

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Mar 16, 2008 on Adult Swim

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  • Final clash between the two queens. Their battle is suprizingly brief and less violent than the battle between Amshel and Hagi. Diva and Saya stab each other, but only Diva dies. Nathan explains that Diva's blood became impotent when she became pregnant.

    I thought this ep was pretty good. I'd grade it out at an A minus; a 9 of 10. If memory serves, some of the dialogue between Diva and Saya was different in the original Japanese, so I was a little suprised at the English version. The fight scenes were pretty good. Hagi had to outsmart Amshel. Amshel, the poor git, seemed to think that it was going to be an easy fight. He was talking trash all the up until he was impaled. Ouch. Loved the brief opening with Van Argeno; sorry buddy, time to sweat it a bit. The ending was suprising the first time I saw it. Thought that Saya was a gonner...Oh, impotent blood...that explains it. Saya abandons all defense to land the killing blow; she expected to die by Diva's blood. Perhaps she thought she would be saving Hagi the burden. Saya is left with a connundrum. Diva, and perhaps more-so Amshel, were evil and distructive. They had to be fought, they had to be stopped. No problem there. But the babbies are innocent. Sould they be killed? One can argue that pragmatically killing the babbies would ensure that a similar problem would not occure in the distant future. However, can Saya really do it? She knows that there can be hope and love for the babie queens, they just need a loving family. What would Riku want?