Season 4 Episode 11

Two Queens

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Mar 16, 2008 on Adult Swim

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  • Fall of the Queen

    Well it has finally came down to that final battle we've been waiting for for a long while, I will say it doesn't disapoint. I really like that brutal air battle with Hagi vs. Amshel, I really wanted Hagi to give Amshel the pumling he deserives never did like that guy. Which results in probably one of the best death scenes in all of anime and television in general (well in my book), where Hagi pushes Amshel down the neddle of the Empire State building as a lighting rod so the lighting will strike and burn Amshel to a crisp.

    However the real kicker is with Saya and Diva, it was both a physical and psycholigical duel. But of course in the end of that duel we see of course Saya wins by both stabing Diva in a vital place but also by default, we discover that once she has the babies her bodies dries up and her biological clock runs out sooner. I'll admit that when that happened I felt both sad and empty, because there was a heavy tragic sensibility about it.

    I'll admit I never really hated the villianess Diva, just what she's done. I never really saw her as an entirely evil person but more like someone that is completely unhappy, which is a common thing with most complex villians. As we've seen in her past she never really had a family she's never known in fact has been robbed of love. She never had the desire to conquer the world, but something more simpiler, to have a family of her own and know love and happyness. She was able to get it in the end even if it was only for a brief time with the two queens she gave birth to. The final image we see where Diva has that dream of her in some outdoor yard lying down spending time with two of her small children with that look of happyness, but then it fades as Diva dies that made me tear up a bit. Just seeing the Saya break down and cry added more to the emotional weight.

    But of course now Saya and Hagi the survivors of the fight are down to making the fateful final decision for both their lives and the lives of the two queens.
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