Season 3 Episode 9

World Where We Exist

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Nov 25, 2007 on Adult Swim

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  • Saya returns, kills two chiropterans, one escapes. Saya is different, her appearance, demeanor. She coldly brushes off Kai. Ends up returning with Kai, but the one chiropteran follows her and threatens Kai's new frews. Saya leaves with 'I told you so'.

    I rate this ep as pretty darn good. The last ep was a base transition ep, but this one deepens the detail and colors the storyline better. Everything else is different (well, everything but Hagi), it makes logical sense that Saya would be different as well. I belive that her dismissiveness is born out of her concern that her battle with Diva endangers those around her. Unfortunately, this strategy has led to her isolation and consequently to her disconnect with the reasons why she is fighting in the first place. Let us not forget that the last person she loved was killed by Diva and this has not small effect on her outlook. I think that she holds herself as responsible and can't bare that again. Now, I believe that such a believe is just silly; the fault is Diva's. But people who go though loss, grief, and trauma often hold themselves to blame, and it seems to me that is what Saya is doing. A few other things are going on here too. I belive this is where Julia begins to question her involvement with Cinq Fleche. David realizes he is wrong...a gun does feel better in his hand than a bottle. Concersely, Hagi was right: David was not happier. Now David must decide if he is strong enough to bare the pain for fighting again. All and all, this ep was pretty good.