Season 2 Episode 2

Here Comes the Buzz!

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Sep 23, 1991 on NBC
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Here Comes the Buzz!
Nick's control of the Russo household is undermined when his ex-father-in-law visits.

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      • Nick: You're just perfect, you know that?
        Buzz: Oh, now what's your problem?
        Nick: You took Anthony to a bar, the one place he shouldn't be. You try to fix Joey up with God knows who, and you take my 15-year-old daughter to the racetrack! You're messing with my kids, Buzz.
        Buzz: I love those kids!
        Nick: You have a funny way of showing it.
        Buzz: Look, nothing happened to Joey. Blossom isn't going to become a gambler, and if having you as a father doesn't drive Tony to drink, nothing will!

      • Nick: Oh, now you're gonna tell me about fathering? Look at your daughter! She's the one who left her own family, and I'm the guy who's still here four years later, trying to pick up the pieces!
        Buzz: Don't blame me because you're not man enough to hang onto your wife.
        Nick: Get out of my house. Get out, and don't come back.
        Buzz: With pleasure, Nick. Leaving you seems to give a lot of people pleasure.

      • Six: You've got to expect your grandfather to come and go. He's a musician.
        Blossom: My dad's a musician, and he managed to stick around.
        Six: Yeah, but your mom's a musician, and she left too. Hey, what does your grandmother do?
        Blossom: She was a travel agent. It just really bothers me that I can't come from a normal family where the dad works from 9 to 5, the mother bakes cookies, and the grandfather sits on the porch, exposing himself to strangers.

      • Nick: How did I end up the bad guy here?
        Blossom: Look at it this way, Dad. Grandpa's an old man. He's not gonna be around forever.
        Nick: Don't try to cheer me up.

      • Blossom: (about her grandfather) I was kind of hoping he'd stay around for a while.
        Nick: He won't. Leaving the family is an old Richmond tradition.
        Buzz: Let it go, will you, Nick? Women walk out of your life. It happens. I had nothing to do with it.
        Nick: Sure you did, Buzz. You taught her everything she knows.

      • Buzz: Where's your girlfriend?
        Anthony: Toni? No, she's just a friend-friend. We met at AA.
        Buzz: No drinking? No sex? What do you do together?
        Anthony: Talk.
        Buzz: About what?
        Anthony: Sex and drinking.

      • Toni: Um, Mr. Russo, I could be wrong, but I think there's some old man peeing in your roses.
        Nick: Buzz!
        Toni: I thought the term was "wiz."
        Nick: No. Buzz. He's my ex-wife's father. The kids' grandfather. He's this aging jazz musician who shows up every once in a while to corrupt my kids, load up on my beer, and unload on my roses.

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