Season 3 Episode 7

Only When I Laugh

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Oct 05, 1992 on NBC



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    • Joey: (as Blossom and Six are leaving) Listen, good luck with those fake ID's.
      Anthony: What did you say about fake ID's?!?
      Joey: Oh, Six and Blossom are gonna try to get fake ID's to go to a club. I told them I'd keep it a secret, though, like you and Tiffany.
      Anthony: You said "I'll keep it a secret, like I did with Tony and Tiffany"?
      Joey: Yeah. See, with all the stuff you guys got on me, I figure it's a perfect balance.
      Anthony: In some ways, Joe, you're a genius.
      Joey: Oh, I'm more than a genius. Dad says I'm an idiot savant!
      Anthony: He's half right.

    • Blossom: We're gonna make fake ID's.
      Joey: (laughing) Yeah, right! You know, you two are such losers, it's unbelievable. I mean, if they had a contest for the biggest losers in the whole world, I bet you two guys would come in second.
      Six: Joey, if we're such losers, then why would we come in second?
      Joey: Because you're such losers.

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