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  • Blossom Forever

    I think Blossom is one of the best sitcoms ever created, but it is not recognized as such. I don't give it a 10/10 only because season 1 episodes aired completely out of continuity.

    Blossom had a drama in it that most comedies in that time didn't. And it was funny! God, it is funny! I think this show is a bit underrated, at least it finally has its own wiki now: "BLOSSOMPEDIA"

    Hoping for reruns of this show in the future. (I'm looking at you, Nick at Nite!)
  • yes yes :)

    Hellz yesss :)
  • Grew up watching.

    I love this show. "Whoa!!!" :)
  • The best teen sitcom of the 90's to watch!

    I remember watching that sitcom, which was on the Mondays at 9pm timeslot on NBC. I was a fan of the show, since it began as a mid-season replacement. I was ten years old and a fourth grader in grade school, when it started in January 1991. I was fourteen years old and a eighth grader in junior high school, when it ended in May 1995. One of my favorite characters are Blossom Russo and her best friend, Six LeMeure. I always adore the layered clothing and the floppy hat with a flower on the brim, which was popular in the late 80's and the early 90's. That was the great wardrobe they wore on the show.
  • Very entertaining and educational.

    I think this is a show that needs reruns on nick at nite or something i wish they would play it its very entertaining to watch if I could I'd watch very episode over again this was a very enjoyable show and everyone I no like it. Also It is very educational for teens and children to it encourages them to be who they are and have lots and lots of fun kids now a days need that their way to serious. Also if it were up to me nick at nite would have good shows like this and 7th heaven and so many other things on it.
  • Blossom its a queen!

    A Blossom é a melhor!

    Apesar desta série ser um pouco antiga, eu ainda a adoro!

    por mim esta série nunca deveria ter sido cancelada!
    Alguem sabe se ela faz alguma série ou se no momentoe está fazendo algum filme?

    Qualquer coisa dela com certeza eu nunca deixaria de assitir, ela deve estar muito velha hoje mas seria legal revê-la..., alguem sabe com quantos anos ela está?

    Aqui no Brasil o show dela passa apenas na TV aberta, e o pior de tudo é que passa de madrugada!!! mesmo assim, é claro, eu não deixo de assistir de jeito nenhum... mas e aí nos Estados Unidos??? Ainda passa??

    E o último capítulo??? Eu gostaria de saber tambem se essa serie teve um bom final ou se foi apenas cancelada.... com certeza deve ter tido um bom final...

    Bom, resumindo, eu dou Nota 10 pra essa série! e olha que ultimamente está sendo dificil dar dez hein!!! LOL LOL


    Cauê :)!!!

    Ateh a proxima Revisão!
  • Wow I miss this show

    This show was really awesome. For the four years it was on tv I truly enjoyed every second of it. The wacky best friend always had me laughing hysterical. I was like 5 when this show started, and I had such a crush on Joey Lawrence. He was such a babe lol. Everyday I stayed home from school I would watch this show, everytime. Bring Blossom back abc!!! You can still see a bilboard for this awesome tv show that rocked the early 90's in MGM studios at Disney in Orlando Florida. Like I said, please abc bring this old time memory show back!
  • If you can, check out the first few seasons of the show - especially the "very special Blossom's."

    Blossom is definitely a classic show, which will be remembered forever by all those who watched it.

    The show is about teenager Blossom Russo, played brilliantly by Mayim Bialik. She lives with her father, Nick (Ted Wass.) and her two brothers, Joey (Joey Lawrence.) and Anthony (Michael Stoyanov.) and has a boy crazy 'chatterbox' best friend, Six. ( Jenna von Oy.) The show follows Blossom's life, with her ups and downs, her boyfriends and of course, her family life and much more. There's a great cast in the show, including, the special guests that have appeared. I love the theme song to the show too.
  • Dear...

    I remember when I first saw the show! Wow! It was love at the first sight! Blossom will always be on my heart and mind. I love all the carachters, but Joey [Joey Lawrence] is the best! I will always love and miss them, they live in ly heart forever!!!
  • It was cute, for the early 90's!

    Let's see, if Punky Brewster were to grow up and get 2 other adoptive brothers-Blossom would be it. However, that didn't stop me from watching this show. Six was annoying, but she was a good friend. Blossom wasn't pretty, but she overcame that by her winning/witty personality :) Joey Lawrence became a mini phenomenon, with his singing and what-not and then there was the Dad and the older brother whom I haven't seen again since the show. It was funny enuff, but for the life of me I can't remember any of the episodes. Not a very groundbreaking series.
  • A stupid show, but fun nonetheless!

    I wasn't into the show when it premiered back in 1991 or so, but once it went into reruns I was totally addicted. Lots of people don't like the show because they think Mayim Bialik was unnattractive. Maybe she wasn't conventionally beautiful, but that's what made her realistic and likeable: she had flaws like everyone else, but she was down to earth and sweet, rather than some supermodel-beautiful actress.
  • I love Blossom!

    For me this show is the BEST!
    Everytime i watch i laugh a lot!
    Whoa! All characters are very funny...
    Each characters has your way to say something very funny!
    It's very difficult to find a TV SHOW like this one!
    Unfortunately it doesn't have DVD in my country!
    So Blossom it's the best TV SHOW ever!
  • Like Lizzie McGuire? Watch this show!

    This show is about a 13-year-old redhead named Blossom Russo. She has 2 brothers: Tony, who was recovered from drug addict, and Joey, who says "whoa", and isn't very smart. She also has a chatterbox friend named Six, who was also her next-door neighbor. She also lives with her father (Her mother went to Paris)

    Later on, in third season, Vinnie makes his debut as Blossom's boyfriend, but Vinnie might have his old girlfriend (before Blossom).

    "Blossom" started in 1/3/91-5/22/95 on NBC. Viewed by 436,976 people on TV. In the series finale, Blossom and Six are going to seperate colleges.
  • i love blossom

    It's hard to believe that in the 90's there was still a clean cut comedy on TV!

    Blossom was the last of it's generation. It was a cute show and I enjoyed it when it was on. Of course, Joey Lawrence will always be known for his "Whoah!" comment! Never get that outta my head.

    Still though, I think that Ted Wass was the most successful one to come from that series. He's done a lot of directing since then!

    Liked the show, it might be enjoyable to watch in reruns.

    Growing up my best freind and I would hang out all day to come home from school and watch blossom.We thought she was really cool, back then we were the same age and felt we could relate. we loved her clothes and her dances and just everything about her. I havn't seen the show in so long now I wish I could see it again, it would be great. I think in real life we would have been good buddies. lol!!
  • I loved Blossom. I have been watching it since it first started. I liked Blossom Russo played by Mayim Bialik because she is one of my favorite characters in the show.

    Blossom is the only one that lived in the house with her two brothers Anthony (Michael Stoyanov) and Joey (Joey Lawrence)and her father Nick (Ted Wass)

    For years the main characters have remained in the story. Others came and went sometimes for short periods and sometimes for many episodes.

    They helped to make the story more exciting.
    Some of the main chracters were Blossom, Anthony, Joey, Six and Nick.

    Each episode was a story on its own but it formed part of the whole story.
  • I love it!

    We must bring it back! It was 1 of the better shows on tv! It is sorly missed!

    Pleaz & thanx!


    1) Alexis

    What she dealt with was so parallel to my own life even though I was a middle class black girl. It was such a real show. Sure Joey was eye candy and comedy relief, but I wished he would go away. Blossom probably was inspiration for My So Called Life or some other teen-angst drama. It really was an amazing show. I would love to have it on disc to share with my own daughters. Surprisingly my husband enjoyed the show as a teen as well. It was so great to see someone on TV so much like myself. It was so refreshing to see all the quirkyness and intelligence and vibrance and beauty, she was so inspiring and really helped me find myself.

    Why isn\'t this in syndication or on DVD?????? You are doing the world a HUGE diservice!!!
  • Here was one of the last clean cut comedies.

    It's hard to believe that in the 90's there was still a clean cut comedy on TV!

    Blossom was the last of it's generation. It was a cute show and I enjoyed it when it was on. Of course, Joey Lawrence will always be known for his "Whoah!" comment! Never get that outta my head.

    Still though, I think that Ted Wass was the most successful one to come from that series. He's done a lot of directing since then!

    Liked the show, it might be enjoyable to watch in reruns.
  • When I was a kid, this was one of my favorites!

    When I was younger, Blossom was one of my all-time favorites! I thought she was super cool. My friend Christy always wore hats inspired by Blossom. I also totally adored Joey. He was a loveable dumb jock, and totally cute! The story lines sometimes were cheesy, but most of the time they had educational lessons in them. It was a good wholesome show to watch. Six always made me laugh. And where else could you find someone like Tony, who accidentally married a woman he didn't even know, but still tried to make it work? Definitely a classic I will always remember. A very memorable cast.
  • It was something to watch, but that's about it.

    Mayim Bialik's character Blossom was a little too annoying for me. She acted too old for her age, almost like a young girl's imitation of Bette Midler.(Casting her for the young character played by Midler in Beaches was genius, by the way.) I suppose she was good for a lot of young female viewers who related to a character that was known more for brains and personality than beauty. So, I'll give "Blossom" five points for okay story lines and the show's ability to break out of the blonde, blue-eyed-popular-and-beautiful girl-in-the-sitcom-family mode.
  • I'm somewhat ashamed to admit I ever watched this show. The fact it came after one of my favorite shows, the Fresh Prince, was the only reason I ever tuned in.

    Yeah, I could have turned the channel. And yes, I probably should have changed the channel. There was one main reason to watch the show though, and that was that Joey Lawrence was pretty cool back in the day.

    We definitely didn't watch for Mayam Bialik's lead performance as Blossom. She wasn't eye candy of the slightest sort, and the show wasn't extremely interesting in and of itself. However, her friend Six was not only pretty cute, but was infinitely more the type of person you'd want to hang around than Blossom.

    As far as how funny it was?? It really wasn't all that funny. In fact, come to think of it I can't think of any episodes that jump out to mind that were laugh out loud funny like I can with most shows that I've watched a lot.

    One thing that WILL stick out in your mind is that damned theme song though. I challenge anybody who watched this show often to tell me they've forgotten that song. It can't be possible!
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