Season 4 Episode 7

Six and Sonny

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Oct 11, 1993 on NBC



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    • Blossom: (to Sonny and Six) Would you two stop it? You can't go running off to Vegas.
      Sonny: Why not?
      Blossom: Because she has an American History test at 10:30!

    • Blossom: How's Six?
      Nick: Not good, Blossom. Six says it's not over. She's getting more involved with Sonny, not less.
      Blossom: I just don't get it.
      Nick: Yeah, neither do I?
      Vinnie: You must be glad Blossom's dating me, huh Mr. Russo?
      Nick: Well, Vinnie, it's just one of those questions. You know, like, would you rather die by poison or be eaten alive by wild animals?

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