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"COPS" spoof featuring the dim-witted Gordieville police officers. Airs late at night on TBS around 4 or 5am.
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  • Spoof of COPS-type shows.

    I've caught this show during a couple of recent bouts with insomnia. It is, of course, very similar to "Reno 911" but suffers in comparison, probably due in large part to the lack of backing from a large entity like Comedy Central. The show is funny, but several of the segments I've seen run on too long, especially considering that the shows themselves are shorter than a traditional half hour comedy. That being said, it did precede "Reno 911", so points must be given for creativity and originality! All in all, it's an entertaining way to while away some time when you can't go to sleep!moreless
  • Well, I just saw one episode around 4 am, yes on TBS, which I rarely watch for anything, and the damn show was sooo funny, In particular, I'm looking for the episode with 'The Eagle of Love' song, after they aprehend some frat boys in a grave yard Funny!moreless

    Super funny show, concepts, even more so considering that this was concocted before Reno 911?!, super cool, I need to find the DVD set someday (hopefully to just download..well..hey, I saw it for free the first time). Where can I find the Mp3 of 'Eagle of Love'. I can only remember the first 2 lines...'If I had a dime for every heart that I've broken, I'd buy me a yhacht(sp) to sail upon the ocean (mock country style)...That's why they call me the eagle of love...' Sooo great.moreless
  • Sublimely hilarious situational comedy.

    This is a series of short skits about redneck cops and townspeople in Gordieville -- wherever that is. It seems to emulate COPS in filming style, but it's offbeat, with wildly eccentric characters and bizarre situations with unexpected results. It's extremely funny and worth watching. While it may not make you laugh out loud, it will make you smile inside with the realization that there are probably twisted people out there in suburbia who are similar to the characters in this show.

    It is difficult to view this program if you keep normal hours, since it is broadcast between the wee hours of the morning and most people's wake-up times -- around 4:00 am. If you have insomnia and want something surreal to watch, this would be it.moreless
  • It is a beacon in the night of info commercials and junk on late night to part you and your money

    Good clean fun comedy that is building a following.

    Hope the big wigs are paying attention to public responce to this show,if not they mssed it again.

    If producers would pitch this show as Reality TV then maybe they could get a better time slot.

    The actors are vary good,good casting through out.

    Gordievile not that far from Mayberry.

    Good comedy is good comedy where ever you find it.
  • I came upon The Blotter unintentionally: fascinating as with a cas wreck: Loved it, loved it. Loved it. Since then I accidentally hit on it again about two weeks ago. Unfortunately, it is not listed in my local paper's TV listings and that is not good.moreless

    There is something elegantly uncommercial about The Botter: Low budget but well-written and playfully acted. It doesn't take itself seriously but seriously captures everyday human qualities.

    I sent a segment to my sister, who wanted to know whether this was the dumbest thing I could find. No, the O'Reilly Factor is much dumber, but not as funny. The segments are short and a real pleasure. Nuances are not overly nuanced, but they are there. Thanks to the folks who made this for me. Good luck. I hope to find future episodes more easily and wish the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel would list it.moreless