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Blow Out

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This unscripted series goes behind the scenes at a posh Beverly Hills salon owned by Jonathan Antin, whose celebrity clientele includes Kate Bosworth, Ricky Martin and Liv Tyler. Conflicts among the staff and the struggles of getting a new business off the ground are front and center.

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    Bravo takes a little off Top

  • Jenn MacDonald

    Jenn MacDonald

    Stylist, Colorist and Extensions Expert

    Alicia Granstedt

    Alicia Granstedt


    Jonathan Antin

    Jonathan Antin

    Owner, Jonathan Salon

    Alyn Topper

    Alyn Topper

    Hair Stylist and Colorist

    Annie Covell

    Annie Covell


    Brandon Martinez

    Brandon Martinez


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    • I watch it, sometimes.

      I find it amusing. This is basically reality television. You can learn nothing from this show, but what Jonathan is doing. The show should be called Jonathan.

      People say, he is mean to his employees. They don't know what's it's like to do hair. It's nerve wrecking. When the day is over, you don't want to have anything to do with hair.

      I'm happy he actually acted on that shower head. I remember him coming up with that during his shower with bottled water. That was brilliant. I'm surprised no one came out with that one before he did. I wonder how he came up with the patents so fast?moreless
    • Blow Out - Excelente programa que segue a linha "reality show"!!!


      O programa mostra o dia-a-dia do renomado cabeleireiro Jonathan Antin, proprietário dos salões "Jonathan" em Los Angeles.

      Jonathan "corta as cabeças" de celebridades como Madonna, Kate Bosworth, Kirsten Dunst, Alicia Silverstone, Tiger Woods, Ricky Martin, Tobey Maguire e muitos outros.

      Jonathan decide abrir um novo salão em Beverly Hills e enfrenta muitos problemas desde a construção, passando pela inauguração, e a parte mais complicada: manter o seu recente empreendimento de pé, mantendo a equipe unida e desempenhando o melhor trabalho possível. Uma terefa difícil já que todos os sues "estilistas de cabelo" precisam trazer seus antigos clientes para esse salão, que se encontra em um novo local de Los Angeles, sem contar que a sua equipe também precisa conquistar uma clientela nova.

      ** Um corte de cabelo no salão Jonathan custa entre US$100,00 ~ US$250,00.


      (Rio de Janeiro - Brasil)

    • Just a guy and his BLOW DRYER. How bout drying those tears with it?

      Absolutely LOVE the show but wondering WHY Jonathan has to cry SOOOO much? Does he think that's a turn on or is he really that sensitive?

      I'm sure the gender of show watchers changed dramatically after the news that his sister Robin is the creator of the "Pussy Cat Dolls" and they just happen to have them on quite often. Good show boosting, now boost your co-workers morale and stop babysitting Kimberley, I would have fired her last season, the whining and complaining has got to go, I mean with QVC, The product line, the New salon, and the Pussy Cat Dolls, who has time to babysit? I think it's an absolute wonderful new season and love the new comers But question? Are all male hair dressers gay? And even if they are do they have to be so off the wall? Sessie is sweet. But the I can't live with you because you smoke comment was really crappy on last weeks show, did she NOT know that he smoked before she started dating him???? Who didn't know that!

      Keep up the good work and products, THEY ROCK!

    • blow out is the new guilty pleasure, it shows that things are what you see. johathan is a strong ,but soft person and is able to admit when he is wrong.i think kimberly is growing to be a super stylest keep up the good workmoreless

      great show keep it on the air need more of the stylist home life and how they got to be where they are now. they should show more one on one with each other and johathan. mabe get a show with regular folks getting hair done by johnathan himself, like giving a makeover for them. i love the whole show
    • While trying to portray himself, I think Jonathan gets a little caught up in the Hollywood-ness of this show. "At the end of the day I'm just a hairdresser, bro" So why are you trying to be an actor and product mogul? (QVC? That reeks of class...)moreless

      Okay, I admit, I do watch this show with my main squeeze, who has owned salons and a beauty school for nearly thirty years, and I do find it mildly interesting. But get over yourself,Jon- Jon! As we all know, that 10 minutes of fame is both fickle and fleeting. #1. Not enough back-patting going on in your place. Kiss some feet, it'll feel good in the end. #2. How about making a difference in your industry? Use that platform of yours for some decent legislation on licensing? #3. Cut out while you're on top, bottom-feeders will eat you alive.moreless

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