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  • I watch it, sometimes.

    I find it amusing. This is basically reality television. You can learn nothing from this show, but what Jonathan is doing. The show should be called Jonathan.
    People say, he is mean to his employees. They don't know what's it's like to do hair. It's nerve wrecking. When the day is over, you don't want to have anything to do with hair.
    I'm happy he actually acted on that shower head. I remember him coming up with that during his shower with bottled water. That was brilliant. I'm surprised no one came out with that one before he did. I wonder how he came up with the patents so fast?
  • Blow Out - Excelente programa que segue a linha "reality show"!!!


    O programa mostra o dia-a-dia do renomado cabeleireiro Jonathan Antin, proprietário dos salões "Jonathan" em Los Angeles.

    Jonathan "corta as cabeças" de celebridades como Madonna, Kate Bosworth, Kirsten Dunst, Alicia Silverstone, Tiger Woods, Ricky Martin, Tobey Maguire e muitos outros.

    Jonathan decide abrir um novo salão em Beverly Hills e enfrenta muitos problemas desde a construção, passando pela inauguração, e a parte mais complicada: manter o seu recente empreendimento de pé, mantendo a equipe unida e desempenhando o melhor trabalho possível. Uma terefa difícil já que todos os sues "estilistas de cabelo" precisam trazer seus antigos clientes para esse salão, que se encontra em um novo local de Los Angeles, sem contar que a sua equipe também precisa conquistar uma clientela nova.

    ** Um corte de cabelo no salão Jonathan custa entre US$100,00 ~ US$250,00.

    (Rio de Janeiro - Brasil)

  • Just a guy and his BLOW DRYER. How bout drying those tears with it?

    Absolutely LOVE the show but wondering WHY Jonathan has to cry SOOOO much? Does he think that's a turn on or is he really that sensitive?
    I'm sure the gender of show watchers changed dramatically after the news that his sister Robin is the creator of the "Pussy Cat Dolls" and they just happen to have them on quite often. Good show boosting, now boost your co-workers morale and stop babysitting Kimberley, I would have fired her last season, the whining and complaining has got to go, I mean with QVC, The product line, the New salon, and the Pussy Cat Dolls, who has time to babysit? I think it's an absolute wonderful new season and love the new comers But question? Are all male hair dressers gay? And even if they are do they have to be so off the wall? Sessie is sweet. But the I can't live with you because you smoke comment was really crappy on last weeks show, did she NOT know that he smoked before she started dating him???? Who didn't know that!
    Keep up the good work and products, THEY ROCK!
  • blow out is the new guilty pleasure, it shows that things are what you see. johathan is a strong ,but soft person and is able to admit when he is wrong.i think kimberly is growing to be a super stylest keep up the good work

    great show keep it on the air need more of the stylist home life and how they got to be where they are now. they should show more one on one with each other and johathan. mabe get a show with regular folks getting hair done by johnathan himself, like giving a makeover for them. i love the whole show
  • While trying to portray himself, I think Jonathan gets a little caught up in the Hollywood-ness of this show. "At the end of the day I'm just a hairdresser, bro" So why are you trying to be an actor and product mogul? (QVC? That reeks of class...)

    Okay, I admit, I do watch this show with my main squeeze, who has owned salons and a beauty school for nearly thirty years, and I do find it mildly interesting. But get over yourself,Jon- Jon! As we all know, that 10 minutes of fame is both fickle and fleeting. #1. Not enough back-patting going on in your place. Kiss some feet, it'll feel good in the end. #2. How about making a difference in your industry? Use that platform of yours for some decent legislation on licensing? #3. Cut out while you're on top, bottom-feeders will eat you alive.
  • Jonathan is a diva, but you have to love a guy who gets choked-up when he sees the bar code on his hair products.

    I've watched all seasons and episodes of Blow-Out. Jonathan Anton is definitely a Queen Bee who craves recognition and celebrity status. Probably his best move was inviting the cameras into his life. All of the Jonathan clients seem to be "size two" women, which is unheard of in my world.
  • A sneak peek into the life of a celebrity hair stylist.

    I've watced this show since the very beginning and although Jonathan can be trying at times, I do like the show. It gives me a glimpse into the world of celebrity hair styling and all the politics and woes that go into it. Last season was the best because it showed the Beverly Hills salon from conception to completion. This season is more about Jonathan's new hair care line and while not as good as last season, is still OK to watch. Jonathan has his normal tantrums, tears and strutting around which while annoying is still fun to watch.
  • What's it like to be a hairstylist in a high-end salon?

    Fun look at what goes on behind the scenes in the salon.I'm glad there's a show that shows the artistic side of hairdressing.This season there's more emphasis on the actual work that's being done.You get a more personal feel for each stylist and their individual personality and how this shapes them as stylists.
    Jonathan is more egotistical than ever and this makes amusing conversation for my fellow hairdressers at work the next day.I don't think this show is supposed to be funny,but my coworkers and I get a giggle over Jonathan's antics.Non-hairdressers can appreciate the humor and look of what goes on from the other side of a stylist's chair.
  • GROW UP JOHNATHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GROW UP JOHNATHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a baby. This guy can not be real. He gets in fights with people for stupid reasons. If anybody starts to outshine him for any reason at all, he blows up at them and always includes "this is my salon" in everything he says to people. Yes, we know that this is your place. We can see the name on the building. He spends most of his time yelling at people, punching doors, or crying to his therapist. When he complains (which is almost all the time) he constantly complains that nobody helps him. You can not have it both ways. You can not complain that it is your salon and complain that nobody helps you.

    GROW UP!!!
  • I can't explain why I watch this show, but I find myself intrigued.

    Blow Out is yet-another-reality-television-show. I know I should hate the show, but for some reason I caught an episode of it and since then have seen most of the rest of the show.

    Personally, I like watching the business side of it. This season Johnathan is launching a new hairline and watching the two idiot female VPs screw things up reminds me a bit of the cubicle farm where I work. Last year, watching him set the shop up was also an interesting lesson in management and people relationships.

    I'm sure it sounds like I'm trying to justify why I actually watchi thsi show with business mumbo jumbo. To be truthful I do get a kick out of the people themselves. Most of them are self centered idiots, but some times it's comforting to watch morons and just turn your brain off, and that's what I do with this show. What can I say? I'm only human.
  • Blow Out is my new reason to stay home on Tuesday nights. Well, that and Queer Eye.

    Tuesday nights just got a whole lot better! The new season of Blow Out started last week as well as Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Drama seems to follow Jonathan Antin around at all times. I\'d say that sometimes it seems like the guy can\'t catch a break but then I realize he owns two salons in desirable locations (West Hollywood and Beverly Hills), he has his own TV show and is about to launch his own line of hair products. Even though snags hit him at every turn, some thing must be going right... Every week I love to tune in to see what happens next. Next episode is about New York fashion week and boy does it look stressful for Jonathan and crew!
  • He is such a Drama Queen.

    This show Blows me away. I go into a trance when I watch this show. I just love watching other people's drama at work. It makes me realize that no matter whether your job is cutting someone's hair or trying to launch the world's greatest television site ahead of schedule, everyone creates stress for themselves at work to stay motivated. "My god, I can't believe I have to wash my own client's hair!" I can't wait for season two!
  • The season two premiere of 'Blow Out' is coming Tuesday June 7th to Bravo. Don't miss it. This is a must see for reality addicts.

    I can't believe I missed this show the first time around. Good thing for marathons....

    Premiering in the summer of 2004, 'Blow Out' was a behind the scenes look at a Beverly Hills salon, owned by the talented and driven hairstylist, Jonathan Antin. Now coming back for a second season, this show promises to be as passionate as ever and, of course, absolutely fabulous.

    Season one documented the birth of the second 'Jonathon Salon' in Beverly Hills. With only three weeks to open, the stakes were high, and the drama was higher. From Brandon's antics, to Alicia's tantrums and unrest among the stylists, this show is raw drama and not your typical tv manufactured reality show.

    Now in season two, Jonathon is tackling his newest challenge in launching his own line of styling products. Its another make or break venture for Antin in this competitive market.

    Full of energy, high stakes, and a new look at reality tv, this is a must see for any reality show addict. Check out Bravo on Tuesday June 7th for the season premiere of 'Blow Out'.

    "It's enough to make you want to lite your hair on fire." - Jonathon Antin
  • Blow out blows my mind. Hooray for Bravo--and hooray for Jonathan!

    The first Blow Out season opened up the world of the salon to the masses. As the husband of the daughter of a former salon owner and manager, I can verify that what you see on TV is real. Aside from the blatant product placement and in-episode scripted commercial dialog, this show was the most strangely entertaining thing I had seen in a long time. Jonathan himself is a joy to watch--he's neurotic, sensitive, smart, rude, moody, hip, blunt, manipulative, and aggressive. Just the kind of guy you'd have to be to make a career out of cutting celebrity hair. The show centers around the drama cuased by everyday operations in the salon--personality conflicts, huge fights over meaningless things, wild misunderstandings. It's like Three's Company with scissors, Red Bull, Revlon, and the American Express Business Solutions card (tm).
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