Blow Out

Bravo (ended 2005)





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  • Just a guy and his BLOW DRYER. How bout drying those tears with it?

    Absolutely LOVE the show but wondering WHY Jonathan has to cry SOOOO much? Does he think that's a turn on or is he really that sensitive?
    I'm sure the gender of show watchers changed dramatically after the news that his sister Robin is the creator of the "Pussy Cat Dolls" and they just happen to have them on quite often. Good show boosting, now boost your co-workers morale and stop babysitting Kimberley, I would have fired her last season, the whining and complaining has got to go, I mean with QVC, The product line, the New salon, and the Pussy Cat Dolls, who has time to babysit? I think it's an absolute wonderful new season and love the new comers But question? Are all male hair dressers gay? And even if they are do they have to be so off the wall? Sessie is sweet. But the I can't live with you because you smoke comment was really crappy on last weeks show, did she NOT know that he smoked before she started dating him???? Who didn't know that!
    Keep up the good work and products, THEY ROCK!