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Friday 10:00 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 24, 2010 Returning September 23, 2016



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Blue Bloods is a CBS police drama by Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess, known for their work on the long running HBO drama 'The Sopranos'. The show follows the lives of the multi-generational Reagan family (Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan, Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan, Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan) and their dedication to the New York City Police Department. Although a tight-knit family, you find that the Reagan's have very different ideas of how to gain justice. But they have one thing in common, they'll stop at nothing to see justice served, because their occupation is more than just a job, it's the family business.


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  • Tom Selleck

    Tom Selleck

    Frank Reagan, New York City Police Commissioner

    Donnie Wahlberg

    Donnie Wahlberg

    Danny Reagan

    Bridget Moynahan

    Bridget Moynahan

    ADA Erin Reagan-Boyle

    Will Estes

    Will Estes

    Jamie Reagan

    Len Cariou

    Len Cariou

    Henry Reagan

    Marisa Ramirez

    Marisa Ramirez

    Det. Maria Baez

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    Fan Reviews (151)

    • Best Show in Thirty Years!

      Blue Bloods is testimony that great entertainment does not need graphic violence, sex or language to capture an audience. Creative screenwriting for its characters, intriguing plots and family situations we can all relate to; these and more have renewed my faith that network TV can still come up with something authentic. Keep em coming!
    • Review of Blue Bloods

      I LOVE this show! I love the family values, I love that they incorporate the family dinners and family problems along with the best crime drama on TV. I love that they honor God & pray & bring those values to their lives & jobs. I do think they should include more of Jamies challenges instead of always following Danny & it would be great if Danny wasn't always acting like a hard a** & being angry. More family oriented & compassionate. Plus, getting tired of Erin always having her mouth open. I guess it's an acting technique but she is too over the top with it. Close your mouth Erin, PLEASE! CLOSE YOUR MOUTH! Tired of you in scenes with a gaping mouth.moreless
    • "Blowback" Really Blew

      BB is my favorite show (but I agree with the review below -- less Danny and bring back Jennifer Esposito!) but tonight's was incredibly LAME. No big city Mayor -- especially a Black one -- is going to be the slightest bit contrite after an anti-Cop rant, let alone resign! Just look at Baltimore. Or even NYC itself, which has just gone from bad to worse by electing a Communist to replace Doomberg, whose primary concerns were hobbling the Police and ensuring you couldn't buy a 24 oz. Coke. And they fired and were going to prosecute the bleeding heart ADA who released the video! Surrrreee . . . Ridiculous show tonight, very disappointingmoreless
    • Blue Bloods Dinner Prayer

      I wish they would go back to showing the family having prayer before dining. Seems they have fallen into Political Correct. Was hoping they would continue to be more like real life.
    • Danny has to go or at least his ego has to go

      It was a really good show in the beginning now it is all about how great Danny is and his ego is huge. Wahlberg makes it worse by being so nasty and believing his own importance. Bring Jennifer Esposito back and have more about the other family members especially Linda. She is great but doesn't get enough air time. Danny isn't the only cop in NY!!! You don't play well with others! Give other people a chance they may even be better than Danny. This will be my last season watching this.moreless

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