Blue Bloods

Season 2 Episode 6

Black and Blue

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 2011 on CBS

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    I didn't like that Reverend quoted Malcolm X I was kinda curious to know if the Reverend knew who Martin Luther King because the Reverend gave the Mayor a puzzled look ,after Frank made his quoted and left that room the mayor said Martin Luther King
  • Frank Reagan for President!


    Just when I thought the show couldn't possibly get any better it lifts up to another level broaching the somewhat delicate subject of racial discrimination when it comes to police persecution although not in the usual way. Jamie and Renzulli are answering a 911 call stating that an armed robbery is taking place in the neighborhood where Frank Reagan is having his police force canvassing the subway for fare beaters.

    When Jamie and his partner try to enter the supposed crime scene which is a religious center they are tossed down the stairs by two men of the Reverend's security. From there all hell breaks loose. I won't go into details of the episode to avoid spoilers but the situation leads to a crisis which seemingly could cost Frank Reagan his job as even the Mayor takes it on himself to side with the Reverend's agenda. They did name the episode "Black and Blue" for a good reason instead of naming it "Black against Blue". This play on words makes clear how little it takes to make a bad situation worse.

    As always Frank stands his ground and sticks to his principles. I liked very much that the two opponents came together in the Mayor's office and that the Reverend quoted Malcolm X to show his point to Frank who quoted back with Martin Luther King. That was like watching High Noon without guns.

    It was also very refreshing that the storyline worked without a major crime having been committed. With crime shows it seems to be the rule that there are rarely other crimes happening. So that was a nice twist, too.

    In the end Frank might realize that he's got a special talent he never was aware of or wouldn't want to acknowledge. And therefore I state: Frank for President!