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In tonight's Blue Bloods "The Truth About Lying" we were introduced to the new Inspector General Kelly Peterson, played by actress Bebe Neuwirth. Although they started out as adversaries she and Frank came to an understanding by the end of the episode. I think it's interesting that they cast an attractive women about Frank's age for this role and then had a couple of scenes (they go out for lunch for example) where they talk about shared interests and obviously have chemistry. Could there be more than just a professional relationship ahead for these two? I'm all for it, Frank's wife has been dead for decades and Peterson is a classy lady. It could also make for interesting story lines if while they are a couple another situation like the one with Jamie's partner happens and they can't agree on how to handle it.

What do you all think? Does Frank Reagan and his mustache deserve some lovin' or should they stay professional friends?
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Aug 30, 2014
Last night's episode (8/29/2014) The Truth About Lying, has some lessons that can make your own life better. There were two scenario's that demonstrated how our brains do not show us an actual fixed reality and one that highlighted that the more stressed we are, the less accurate the reality we perceive becomes.
In one case, a mentally challenged man unsuccessfully tried to stop a teenage girl from committing suicide and was caught on video, where his actions were initially perceived as pushing her to her death. It would have been so easy for him to be convicted of murder for his attempted good deed because the viewers of the video initially perceived him as a killer. Their brains interpreted the video in line with their expectations, even after being told he was not the type of person to ever do that sort of thing.
The second scenario involved a young cop whose report of her first felony arrest differed slightly from a video a citizen sent in. There was nothing wrong with the arrest, no excessive force, etc. But when she filed her report there was a factual error about where stolen property was recovered from that differed from the video. I won't tell you how Frank got the DA's office to agree not to fire her and come over to his viewpoint by demonstrating that the brain's recollection of events may not be 100% accurate, especially when a life or death situation but I thought it was brilliant.
I loved that the show brought this aspect of our brain's into the show--the inaccurate ways we perceive reality. Researchers have long shown that eyewitness reports are the least reliable type of evidence but most people assume this is because of dishonesty on the part of witnesses with ulterior motives, but the truth is that our brains are not designed to show us "reality." They show us a filtered reality and the filters determine how we perceive every given situation. The filters can be adjusted and how they are set can make the difference between a good life and a crummy life.
I teach how to people about these filters and how to adjust them so they can thrive more but the biggest hurdle most people face is they believe their brains show us reality so I am delighted to see the fallacy of this demonstrated so well on Blue Bloods.
I also love this show. I turned my TV off in 1995 and did not watch TV again until 2013. I still watch very little but this show draws me back again and again. I love how strong the family is even when they disagree with one another. I love Tom Selleck in this roll. I wish I could talk to the detective because I know I could help him (I realize he is just a character, but his war wounds represent a lot who are suffering today.) I also love that they show the Sunday dinners every week because that is one of the things that makes the family so strong and connected with one another.

I also like that it looks like there is romance in the air for Frank.
Oct 19, 2013
I think Reagan may have met his match, it's also about time he got a love interrest since that reporter way back in season 1.
Oct 19, 2013
I totally agree! He's my favorite character and it seems like lately they just keep giving him sort of the same stuff to do! I liked the episode earlier this season when he like rode around on the night shift and checked up on the cops.
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