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Blue Blood Submission Guidelines

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    Reminders from the Editor:

    1. Follow all guidelines for submissions. Be sure to check out the User Submission Support Forum and Contributions for help. Here are links to a few of the topics.

    a) Adding Cast and Crew
    b) Episode Notes, Trivia and Allusions
    c) Episode Quotes
    d) How to Submit an Episode
    e) Sourcing Your Material

    2. Fan sites are not acceptable. It's impossible to know if the person who posted the information to the fan site got it right. The best source is an official web site. A second best source is legit published media sites, i.e.,, futon critic, etc.

    3. When submitting guest stars, episode summaries, and any other submissions that may require verification, you must provide your sources in the user comments section. Unsubstantiated submissions will be rejected. Wiki,, and fan sites are not acceptable sources. Please use information from the network official website, actual broadcasts, episode credits and DVDs.

    4. When submitting trivia, quotes and allusions please provide an approximate time stamp so I can review the scene without having to search for it. Where appropriate, please provide a verifiable URL link to back up your submission information. Always provide a short reason why the quote you submitted is worth keeping. Quotes are not transcripts but snippets of dialogue.

    5. I'll edit submissions when only minor work is required but otherwise I'll reject and provide an explanation in the comments. Spelling, grammar and punctuation count! In many cases, something entered as Trivia is really a Note so you'll be asked to resubmit.

    6. If you're in doubt about your submission, please PM me first and I'll be glad to help.

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